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/what should to know about buying and selling a car in poland? vehicle sale agreement in poland

What should to know about buying and selling a car in Poland? Vehicle sale agreement in Poland

According to unofficial data, there are more than 30 million cars in Poland, and tens of thousands of vehicles are bought and sold every day. In general, buying or selling a car is not a very complicated process, but if you are a foreigner the matter becomes much more complicated.

What you need to know about buying/selling a car in Poland to a foreigner, where cars are sold, how to draw up a sales contract and much more you will learn in this article.


Where to sell/buy a car in Poland?

Actually, it is quite easy to find a car or sell a car. Everything is very similar with other countries - there are several options where you can sell/buy a car in Poland:

Car dealerships and official dealers. These places mostly sell new cars, but official dealers sometimes sell used cars as well. Moreover, as a rule, car dealerships and dealership centres operate a «Trade-In» system. For those who do not know, it is a program of exchange with additional payment. For example, you have a 2014 Ford Fusion, you can exchange it for a more expensive car and pay the difference. For example, here is the address of one of the Toyota car dealerships in Warsaw: Al. Krakowska 204 - Warszawa.

Car markets. This is also quite a popular place where you can buy a car or sell it. These places offer cars for different budgets, so everyone will be able to choose something suitable. The advantage is that you can inspect the car immediately and talk to the current owner of the vehicle.

Websites with advertisements. This is most likely the most popular way to sell or buy a car. On such websites you can put the necessary filters yourself and see only what you are interested in. We have collected several reliable sites where they sell/buy cars in Poland:


What is a vehicle sales agreement?

In Poland, the vehicle sales agreement is called«Umowa Kupna-Sprzedaży Samochodu». In simple words, it is a document that confirms that you are the one who bought or sold the car. Here you can download a form vehicle sales agreement, which you will have to fill out if you are going to sell or buy a car. At the conclusion of the transaction, the agreement should be in two copies: one is taken by the buyer and the other by the seller.

The vehicle sales agreement consists of several parts: it should include information about the car and the owners (previous and new). It is worth noting at once that the costs, namely the payment of taxes to the «urząd skarbowy» from the purchase of the vehicle, as a rule, it is the buyer who pays.

It is also possible to buy a car together with a co-owner. For this purpose, it will be necessary to draw up a contract not for two persons, but for three, including the co-owner.


Details for the drawing up of the agreement

With regard to the personal data of both parties to the agreement, the following data must be specified:

  • Name and surname.

  • Residence address.

  • PESEL number.

  • Number of the identity document. For foreigners it can be a passport or a residence card, and for Poles it is a dowod osobisty).

  • Brief description of the car. Here you should specify: car make, model, registration number, VIN-code, year of manufacture, current mileage, engine capacity, body colour, body type and information about additional equipment (gas installation), if any.

  • Price of the car. IMPORTANT: the price of the car should be real, you do not need to artificially underestimate or overestimate the cost of the car. Many people think that by understating the value of the car they will be able to save money on the registration of the car, but it is not so. The tax inspection can check all this.

  • Payment. If it was a cash payment, it should be indicated. If it is a transfer of funds to the seller's account, it is also necessary to specify the account and the date of payment.

  • It is desirable that the buyer personally write the place, date and time when he received the car, and that he indicates that the received car corresponds to the description.

  • Personal signatures.


Is it possible to sell a car with foreign licence plates in Poland?

Let's start with the fact that according to the Vienna Convention, which was signed in 1968 by most countries of the world, including Poland, it is possible to drive a car with foreign plates on the territory of the country. However, it is possible to drive on the territory of Poland with such a car for no more than half a year, and then the car must be registered with Polish plates.

As for selling a car with foreign plates, it is quite realistic, but there are many formalities. The main difficulty is who will buy a car with foreign plates in Poland, as no one wants to deal with this long process.



Congratulations - now you know everything you need to know about buying or selling a car in Poland. Of course, if you are going to sell or buy a car, you would be very interested to know how to register or deregister the vehicle. In our blog we have already written articles on these topics: car registration and de-registration. Our team of experts is always ready to help you. Stay together with aksis!


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