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/enrolling a child in school and kindergarten

Enrolling a child in school and kindergarten

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Approximate times:

Up to a month in case of lack of places

Estimated costs:

PLN 500-2000 per semester in a private school

Service Description:

For people who have moved to Poland with their families, the integration of children into a new society becomes a frequent problem, since with a low level of language proficiency, a communication barrier may appear in front of the new environment. The best way to avoid this is to send your child to a new school as soon as possible. Close contact with native speakers and the care of teachers will help to cope with the difficulties of moving and create a good language base, which will certainly come in handy in the future In such a seemingly simple task, parents have many questions about the Polish education system, assessment and examination, as well as which school to choose and how to enroll in it. Our team has extensive experience in these matters and will be happy to alleviate at least one of the hardships of parenthood for you

First of all, it is worth mentioning that schools with the Ukrainian language of education are rare even in big cities, so at best you can place your child in a specialized class, but do not forget that for full integration it is better to think about mixed or completely Polish-speaking groups School education in Europe means changing schools along the way. Instead of the usual 11 classes, studies are divided into: - Preparatory class (Zerówka). Recommended for children 6 years of age as a preparation for 1st grade, including the basics of reading, counting and arts - Primary school (Szkoła podstawowa, podstawówka). A five-year course divided into two stages - for grades 1-3 it is an integrated study, without a clear division into subjects, after which grades 4 and 5 introduce both specific lessons and a final exam on them This stage often causes difficulties for the children of immigrants or refugees, as they are required to take final exams in Polish on an equal basis with Polish schoolchildren. For such situations, schools often provide additional preparatory courses. - Secondary school (Szkoła Średnia). After passing the exams and receiving a certificate of primary education, the student must pass it, since a place for him is guaranteed in your district school. After 2019, the gymnasium (gimnazium) course was integrated into the secondary school course, and now the training period is 4-5 years, depending on the type of school, there are two in total: - General education lyceum (Liceum Ogólnokształcące). Secondary school in the usual sense, with a final exam and the possibility of further higher education - Technical school (Technikum). Allows you to choose a specialty and get a diploma in it to further expand your expertise at the university, it also implies passing an exam to obtain a certificate of completion of high school At the moment, the Polish education system is in a state of reform, and the changes will be implemented already during the 2022 academic year. To fully familiarize yourself with the nuances of the reform, you should go to the website of the Ministry of Education, where the information will be most relevant.

First of all, you will need to write an application for admission to your district school. If there are no places in it, you can contact the district office to provide your child with a place in another school. The decision on enrollment is made by the principal of the school, and you will greatly increase your chances by providing report cards from previous years of study, certificates, letters of recommendation, etc. When the decision on enrollment is made, ask what sections, language courses or additional classes the school offers, so as not to miss the opportunity to enroll in them

Due to the war and the huge number of refugees, mostly women with children, the Polish Ministry of Education has expanded classes to provide places, and most schools have at least a few classes of predominantly Ukrainian children. A facilitated system of integration into new learning conditions will simplify adaptation and allow you to continue studying subjects If you were unlucky and had a chance to come to Poland in the middle of the semester, it doesn’t mean that you have to start the year anew - it will be enough to provide a copy of the class journal from the Ukrainian school, or, in extreme cases, a student diary, to write out grades and understand teachers at what level each particular child is To find out what kind of integration programs your district school provides, you can ask directly the director or head teacher for educational work during the appointment visit If the conditions in the recommended school are not suitable, or simply do not suit you, you can contact the district office (determined by the place of registration) where you will be prompted for a suitable educational institution Education in most public schools is now free for refugees, but it also makes sense to look at private schools, as the conditions in them are often better and the choice of extracurricular activities offered is greater. For more detailed help or assistance in choosing and other formalities, you can contact our team and get qualified advice

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