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/assistance with receiving a residence card for students

Assistance with receiving a residence card for students


Approximate terms:

7-30 days waiting time to apply

14 days limit for filing missing or required documents

90 days is the average waiting time for a permit issuance

14 days to prepare and send the appeal

Estimated costs:

50 PLN for a plastic card manufacturing

Service Description:

One of the ways to freely stay in Poland without any problems is to obtain a residence permit on the basis of study. Our experienced aksis team will take You all the way from filling in the application form to obtaining long-awaited document. We provide 24/7 support. At every stage, in every question, You will be advised by the best professionals. In the case of a negative decision on Your application, we will quickly find an error and a solution to the problem. And in the case of a negative decision, we will help You to make an appeal in order to obtain a positive result.

Clients who contact our agency automatically become our friends and receive the best service for a favorable price for the service.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people are in Poland on the basis of a visa. The biggest disadvantage of visas is that they expire quickly and have to be constantly re-opened again.

A student like no other knows that sometimes there is simply not enough time for personal time, not to mention reopening visas, which often coincides with holidays.

The best solution is to obtain a residence card for students, which allows them to legally stay in Poland for up to three years, while travelling freely to other countries. Other advantages of a residence permit based on study:

- Allowed to work legally;

- The student may register transport and real estate;

- Possibility to conduct business activities;

- The student can application and documents for opening visas to other countries.

The most important grounds for a student applying for a residence card in Polish law defines as follows:

- Legal residence of the student on Polish territory at the time of application;

- The inspector has to be sure that you will definitely study in Poland, therefore you have to have a document that proves that You have studied (a receipt of payment, contract with the university, study schedule, etc.);

- The student has to prove that he/she has sufficient funds to live and study in Poland. This can be done by taking a bank statement (there must be at least ten thousand PLN in the account);

- Availability of accommodation (rental agreement).

As a rule, almost all of these documents are already in the student's possession.

The Polish authorities are loyal to the admission of foreign students, so there are a few reasons for refusal:

- The package of required documents is incomplete;

- Expulsion from an educational institution;

- Problems with the law and its violation;

- The application was filled out incorrectly;

If You receive a refusal, do not worry, because the aksis team will find mistakes and help You to appeal and obtain a residence card.

Assistance with applications and speeding up the receiving of residence permits for family reunification

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