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Assistance in closing (liquidating) a sole proprietorship in Poland

Closing a Sole Proprietorship in Poland: Effective Steps for Business Liquidation

Approximate terms:

1 week

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250 PLN

Service description:

Nowadays it is not uncommon for businesses to face challenges and difficulties that can make business owners decide to close their business operations. There are cases when unforeseen circumstances or family reasons may force to change plans and close the business.

In case you decide to close your sole proprietorship in Poland, our agency provides a full range of services. We will easily organize the process of liquidation of your company, we will help you fill out all the necessary documents for the termination of activity. We will help you to close your sole proprietorship in any way you like and will help you to fill in the application for termination of activity, and we will also help to write you out of the CEIDG and ZUS registry.

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Operating a business in Poland, you are faced with the obligation to pay taxes in accordance with the laws of the country. Therefore, of course, you cannot just abandon your business. If you are registered as a working company, you are obliged to file reports, keep accounts and pay taxes regularly. Just a reminder that for non-payment of taxes, there are fines and in some cases even arrest. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to mess around with this, and in time to liquidate the sole proprietorship.

There are currently three effective ways to liquidate a sole proprietorship in Poland. It is important to note that we are talking about the complete liquidation of the business, and not about the suspension of business activities or reorganization of the sole proprietorship into another form of business. It is possible to liquidate a sole proprietorship in Poland through:


By personal visit to Urząd

By mailing all necessary documents

The most important thing is to submit a declaration to the CEIDG register that you have ceased your activity. You can fill it in yourself, and the data from CEIDG is automatically transferred to ZUS. It is very easy to check whether you have managed to liquidate a sole proprietorship on your own - you need to go to the official website and try to find yourself, if you have not found yourself, then you have managed to close the sole proprietorship.

Usually the process of liquidation of a sole proprietorship is quick and without incident, but there are some nuances, about which it is better to know in advance:

  • If you conducted taxation in the form of a tax card, you will need to file a tax return in the form PIT-16Z with the tax office yourself.

  • If you have hired employees during your business activities, you must fire them before closing the sole proprietorship. Moreover, after dismissing the employees, you will have to deregister them from ZUS, as you paid social taxes for them. You can deregister your employees from the ZUS by submitting a special form.

More information about closing (liquidation) of a sole proprietorship in Poland you can read in our article, where we have detailed the whole process of closing the company and all possible pitfalls.

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