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Assistance in fast obtaining REGON number in Poland

How to Quickly Obtain a REGON Number in Poland

Approximate terms:

2 weeks

Estimated costs:

150 PLN

Service description:

Registration of any business includes opening accounts, adding the entity to various registers and assigning unique numbers to the entity. The last point is the REGON number, which stands for «Rejestr Gospodarki Narodowej» (Register of the National Economy) and is maintained by the GUS.

Usually this number is assigned automatically when you register your own company in such registers as KRS and CEIDG. However, there are situations when you have to obtain REGON number separately.

REGON number can be issued both online and offline, it all depends on your preferences. Our team of migration agency aksis specializes in business registration of any direction. We will help you not only to get a REGON number, but we can also provide you with a comprehensive solution for setting up a new business in Poland, approaching each case individually. Start your business in Poland together with aksis agency!

REGON number is assigned to all business entities. Such firms need to obtain a REGON number:

→ Individuals engaged in business (IE - individual entrepreneurs)

→ Companies, partnerships and other firms (fundacji, stowarzyszeń, spółek z o.o., spółek akcyjnych)

→ Legal entities

Yes, you can obtain a REGON number on your own, without any assistance. To obtain such a number for a sole proprietorship or spółka cywilna online, proceed as follows:

Authorize on the CEIDG portal;

Fill in the special form;

Sign the completed form with a digital signature;

Send the documents.

We have told you where to go, what form to download and much more in our step-by-step instructions for REGON number registration. Remember that you can contact aksis agency for help in registering a business from scratch.

Just imagine, you have been offered a job through your acquaintances, but this company you have some doubts about its legality. In this case, you need to do a little checking, and for this you just need the REGON number of this company. You can ask the employer for it, but if he does not give it to you, you should think about whether you need to contact such an employer.

To find out information about the company, go to this site. Enter the REGON number of the desired company in the search box and click on the «Szuka»" button. It's done - the available information will definitely appear on your screen.

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