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Assistance in quickly obtaining a Pole's card for legalization of life in Poland

Polish Card: Getting help for legalizing life in Poland

Approximate terms:

4 months

Estimated costs:

1600 PLN

Service description:

Do you want to legalize in Poland easily and quickly with the prospect of obtaining permanent residence and citizenship? Contact aksis to get qualified assistance in obtaining a Pole's card.

The Pole's card confirms the foreigner's belonging to the Polish nation and is one of the easiest ways to legalize in the country. If you are still thinking what is better - a residence card or a Pole's card, it is definitely the second option. The most important thing is to prove to the Polish authorities that you have Polish citizens in your family, and our agency knows the best way to do it. You can read more about the peculiarities of obtaining a Pole's card in our article.

Our experienced migration agents will personally deal with your case and provide all the necessary information from «A to Z». We take an individual approach to each client, considering each case in detail.

To prove to the embassy that you really had Polish relatives in your family, you need to collect a small list of documents:

  • Your documents;

  • Documents that prove that your relatives were of Polish origin (passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate);

  • A completed application form (you can download a sample here).

In some cases, you may need additional documents about your parents, brothers, grandparents, etc. For example, deportation papers or even imprisonment papers of your relatives may be suitable if other documents could not be found.

Here's what a foreigner gets when applying for a Pole's card:

  • Legal residence on the territory of the country;

  • Employment without permits or work visas (not all residence cards provide this opportunity);

  • Free medical care;

  • Entrepreneurial activity;

  • Free education in public schools and universities;

  • Scholarships for students, as well as a 30% discount on tuition at private universities in the country;

  • Discounts on the use of public transportation;

  • Possibility to obtain a residence permit after 6 months of uninterrupted stay in Poland under a simplified procedure;

  • Possibility to apply for citizenship after 12 months of continuous stay in Poland.

Unfortunately, yes. Just having family ties with Poles will not be enough. You have to prove to the embassy that you do not just belong to their people, but that you want to become part of their country and culture. Therefore, you must know Polish language at least B1 level, as well as know many traditions, culture as well as significant events for the Polish people.

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