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/assistance with obtaining an nie foreigner identification number in spain

Assistance with obtaining an NIE foreigner identification number in Spain

Foreigner's Identification Number (NIE)

Approximate terms:

2 weeks

Estimated costs:

270 Euro (excluding VAT)

10 Euro tasa

80 Euro proxy

Service description:

If you dream of living in the sun and picturesque beaches, you're probably thinking about Spain. However, before you can enjoy life on the beaches, you need to obtain an important document – a Foreigner Identification Number, or NIE.

NIE – this is not just a combination of letters and numbers, this is the first step to legal life in Spain. This is the basic document with which you will be able to carry out most bureaucratic or legal procedures. The NIE number is issued once and for all.

For many people applying for an ID number in Spain is a headache and endless queues for coupons to the local authorities, which delays getting the document for months. You do not have to worry though! We are ready to help you every step of the way to achieve your dream in the shortest possible time. Our team of migration experts at aksis knows all the intricacies and requirements to obtain an NIE. We will help you gather all the necessary documents, complete the application form and accompany you through every step of the process. You can relax and trust us!

The Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) is a unique identification number issued to foreigners who live or work in Spain. It is necessary to carry out various legal and financial operations, such as opening a bank account, buying real estate, obtaining a work visa, and other documents. In simple terms, if you are planning to stay in Spain on a residence permit, buy a property or a car, obtain a driving license, or start your own business, you cannot do without an NIE number.

Some people think that the NIE identification number entitles a foreigner to reside legally in Spain, but this is not true. This is the key that provides passage for the other doors, where, on the basis of the identification number, you can proceed to the next important steps. To legally and permanently stay in the country, you need to obtain a residence permit (TIE card). We have explained how to obtain it and what the nuances are in our article.

The purpose of an NIE number and the requirements for obtaining an NIE card are different:

To obtain a foreigner's NIE number, you must come in person to your local police station along with the collected package of documents and a completed application form. To find out the full list of documents required and to download the NIE application form you can read our comprehensive article on the NIE number in Spain.

The time to obtain an NIE may vary depending on the region and the current workload of the offices. The process usually takes 2 weeks. Please bear in mind that you need to plan in advance to collect your documents, fill in the application form, and submit your application. Our staff will help you to speed up the process and ensure its successful completion.

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