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Assistance in launching a company and becoming a sole proprietor in Poland

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Approximate terms:

1 week

Estimated costs:

400 PLN

Service description:

Everyone has at least once dreamed of creating own business, which will not only bring a stable income, but also pleasure from every working day. However, many people put off starting a business, are afraid to take risks and think that becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult task. Migration agency aksis is ready to make your dream come true!

There are several forms of business in Poland, one of the most common being the sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship in Poland («Jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza») is an excellent opportunity for a natural person to start a business. A sole proprietorship is easy to set up, you can choose a flexible taxation option, and it is important to note that you do not need very large capital to start.

We will do our best to get your business up and running as soon as possible and help you with all related issues:

→ select the type of activity

→ register the company in the national register

→ choose the best taxation system for you

→ help with sending data to tax and social insurance authorities

→ help in opening a bank account

Don't know how to start a sole proprietorship in Poland and launch a business? Contact aksis!

Taxation in the case of a sole proprietorship is a particular advantage compared to other forms of business. There are several taxation options to choose from:

  • If the sole proprietor's income does not exceed 20 thousand euros per month, the tax is 18% monthly;

  • If the sole proprietor's income exceeds 20 thousand euros per month, the tax is 32% monthly;

  • 19% tax (no difference in income);

  • If the sole proprietor's income does not exceed 250 thousand euros per calendar year, the tax is between 3 and 20% (the exact figure depends on the type of activity and is assigned by the tax office);

  • Floating tax rate on the tax card (the exact figure is assigned by the tax office);

  • Individualized terms (this option is available only for certain types of activity).

Let us first of all consider who can become a sole proprietor in Poland in 2023. Today this possibility is available to: citizens of Poland, EU countries, EFTA countries and officially residing foreigners.

The following terms for registration of IE in Poland - you need to be of legal age and have no criminal record.

You can open a sole proprietorship today in two ways: offline and online. You will need your passport, PESEL number (if you have one), a document confirming your legal stay in Poland and a completed form. The registration of a sole proprietorship is done through the CEIDG portal. You will also need to register your sole proprietorship with the social insurance body ZUS, as the entrepreneur pays taxes for employees.

If you want to start a sole proprietorship in Poland on your own, you can read a detailed step-by-step guide to starting a company in our article.

If you are facing the question - Spółka or Jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza (sole proprietorship), let us help you understand this important choice. However, it is worth saying right away that the decision will depend on the type of your planned business.

Money earned from a Spółka (LLC) are company funds, which can only be disposed of within the framework of company development (the entrepreneur can pay himself a salary or dividends, but with double tax).

In the case of a Jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza (sole proprietorship), the money earned is your personal funds, which can be freely disposed of and cashed out as needed.

Other advantages of a sole proprietorship include: flexibility of taxation and the ability to keep simplified accounting.

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