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/residence permit

/assistance with applications and speeding up the receiving of residence permits for family reunification

Assistance with applications and speeding up the receiving of residence permits for family reunification

Assistance with applications and speeding up the receiving of residence permits for family reunification

Approximate terms:

7-30 days waiting time to apply

14 days limit for filing missing or required documents

90 days is the average waiting time for a permit issuance

14 days to prepare and send the appeal

Estimated costs:

50 PLN for a plastic card manufacturing

Service Description:

One of the main points on the way to receiving a residence permit for your relatives under the family reunification program is the collection and submission of documents. It is important that the set of documents is collected in its entirety.

The qualified aksis team will help You not only to collect and submit the necessary documents correctly but also to fill in the application correctly, which in turn is a common reason for refusal if You fill in the application yourself. We will take you through all possible stages of the process and, in the case of a negative decision, we will help to prepare an appeal and win Your case.

The Polish law stipulates that you can attach to your card your husband/wife; children/parents; and, with an exception, even your common-law spouse can be attached to your residence card. There are a number of advantages for these persons, including the prospect of obtaining Polish citizenship.

The main requirement for eligibility for family reunification is the following documents:

- refugee status;

- possession of a permanent residence card, temporary residence card or a Polish resident's card;

- possession of a Blue Card.

If you belong to one of these categories, you will be able to move your family to Poland and attach them to your card.

In order to be together with your family again, it is necessary to gather the following set of basic documents:

- the passport of the one who lives in Poland and the one who joins;

- the marriage certificate and the child's birth certificate (must be translated into Polish);

- availability of accommodation (rental contract);

- health insurance;

- an employment contract from the employer, which must be at least 550 PLN per person. For example, if a family consists of 4 people, the amount of the contract must be at least 2200 PLN.

The two most common options are the reunion of a married couple and the reunion with minor children. These options are quite simple: one of the family members must reside in Poland, have a proper document for legal residence, and be legally employed.

The next two cases are more complicated and rare. These are the reunification of a civilian couple and the reunification of adult children with their parents. For the first one, it has to be documented that the couple actually lives together. This will require collecting all joint receipts, documents, and contracts from the previous year. The latter case is more of an exception. Reunification is only possible if one parent, who has remained in his or her home country, needs a guardian and there is no one to take care of him or her. In order to do so, documents must be collected to prove the parent's state of health.

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