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/what should a beginner know about registering a car in poland, and what are the peculiarities of registering a car for foreigners?

What should a beginner know about registering a car in Poland, and what are the peculiarities of registering a car for foreigners?

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Poland is one of the attractive countries for car enthusiasts and if you are planning to buy or bring a car to Poland, you will need to register it in accordance with local rules and legislation. Below we will look at what documents you'll need to register your car in Poland, the steps to follow, the pitfalls, and the consequences of not registering your car. We will also look at the cost of registering a car in Poland in 2023.


List of required documents for car registration in 2023

The first step in registering a car in Poland is to collect all the necessary documents. A list of the basic documents you will need when registering your car:

Passport or identification card — to prove your identity and nationality.

Driving licence — must be valid and comply with Polish law. Remember that after a stay in Poland of more than 185 days, we recommend that you replace your license with a Polish one. How and when to change your old license we told you about earlier.

Vehicle registration certificate (Certificate of Registration | Umowa kupna sprzedazy pojazdu). If you buy the car from someone else, the document will contain the data of the previous owner (in some cases, if the car was purchased abroad, translation of the documents will be required), if you buy it from a legal entity, you must provide proof of the car purchase itself - a receipt or an invoice will be suitable.

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Insurance — documents confirming that you have insurance for your car. In Poland, there is a system of compulsory third party liability insurance. If you don't already have insurance, you can find out how to arrange it by reading our article on what you need for car insurance in Poland today.

Valid vehicle registration certificate and documents relating to the technical condition of the vehicle, including the technical inspection certificate and the results of the inspection. We have described this procedure in more detail in the case of obtaining a taxi license.

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Application from the owner of the vehicle, completed in the Polish version. You can fill in the form on gov.pl or download the registration form for your region - an example of the registration form for Poznań. Another way is to pick up the form from the Uząd of your city, just enter the prefix Wydział Komunikacji i Transportu w ... (your city) in a google map search.


How is the registration process going?

Once all the necessary documents have been collected, you can begin the process of registering your car in Poland.

Steps of vehicle registration for foreigners in Poland:

1. Prepare the documents. Make sure that all required documents are translated into Polish and notarised, if required.

2. Register your visit with your Local Transport Office Wydział Komunikacji i Transportu Starostwa Powiatowego in your region. Provide all the necessary documents and complete the relevant applications.

3. Pay the necessary fees and taxes, related to vehicle registration. The cost may vary depending on the region and the technical specifications of the vehicle, we have written about this below.

4. Get new registration plates and a temporary registration card valid for one month - confirming the registration of your car in Poland.


Is there a fine for non-registration of a car in Poland?

Owning an unregistered car in Poland can have serious consequences. The police may fine you for driving an unregistered vehicle or even seize it. Pursuant to Article 97 of the Polish Traffic Act, the penalty for driving an unregistered car may be up to 3,000 PLN. Not registering may also affect your ability to obtain insurance or have your car inspected.

As soon as you buy a car, you should register it within one month and the same applies to insurance - make sure that after the purchase, you have informed the insurance company that you are the rightful owner of the car. A useful tip - in some cases it is enough to ask the previous owner of the car to extend the insurance (as it may be cheaper than yours, you can read about this in our article on car insurance for foreigners.


How much does it cost to re-register a car to a foreigner in Poland?

The cost of vehicle registration in Poland in 2023 may vary depending on various factors such as region, engine power, vehicle type and vehicle age). Since 4 September 2022, there have been changes to the laws in Poland, according to which vehicle registration fees have been reduced:

  • 94.50 PLN for a passenger car imported from abroad (vehicle card - 75 PLN, control sticker - 18.5 PLN, registration fee - 1 PLN);

  • 19 PLN in the case of registration of a vehicle registered in Poland without keeping the existing registration plates (technical inspection - 18.50 PLN, registration fee - 0.50 PLN).

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In addition, you have to pay the fees for a number plate: for car owners, 80 PLN, and for motorbike owners, 30 PLN. Depending on the size of the plates, the price is slightly different, but not significantly. And if it's a foreign number plate, you'll have to hand it in at the place where the plates are issued. If you plan to have a personal number plate, it will cost you 1,000 PLN. Of course, the cost is always different. In our case, it cost just under PLN 200, not counting the associated costs.

It is advisable to contact the public transport department of the municipality to get exact information about the cost of registering your car in Poland, or contact us using the registration form.


How can we help? aksis - we will register your car as soon as possible

In conclusion, registering your car in Poland is an important process that requires you to follow certain rules and provide the necessary documents. Make sure you have all the information you need to register your car correctly. The experienced team of professionals at aksis will help you register your vehicle as quickly as possible. Do you want to get behind the wheel of a registered car as soon as possible? Go to aksis!


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