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/assistance with speeding up the process of obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit for a foreigner in poland

Assistance with speeding up the process of obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit for a foreigner in Poland

Speeding card service for Foreigners in Poland

Approximate terms:

1-3 months

Estimated costs:

500 PLN

Service description:

Are you tired of waiting and the headache of applying for a residence card in Poland? There is a solution - contact aksis. The service is directly provided by lawyers with experience in law firms in Ukraine, Poland and Spain.

We know that each client is unique, which is why we offer an individual and personalized approach to each case. Our team provides individual consultations, studies and analyses your case, assists in gathering the necessary documents, and ensures effective communication with Urząd. Trust aksis to get you a residence card as soon as possible!

There are official deadlines for deciding on the issuance of documents legalising the residence of foreigners. Article 35 of the Code of Administrative Court Procedure clearly states that matters relating to the examination of a residence card must be examined within one month. If the case is "complicated", the Voivodeship is entitled to review the case for up to two months.

Today, there are several effective methods of speeding up the process of obtaining a residence card for a foreigner. Let's start with the first and most important one - submit a complete set of documents so that you will not be sent for "re-submission" of documents. Then there are two concepts - reminder (ponaglenie), acceleration (przyspieszenie) and other WSA requests. Our migration agents will review your case in detail and find the best method of expediting it, so that your case does not gather dust on the inspector's desk for months.

Important: according to Article 100d and the laws which are related to the protection of refugees from Ukraine, the Polish authorities have suspended the Province's liability for failure to meet the deadline for the residence card until August 24, 2023. But our experience allows you to approach the issue properly, having studied the case in advance and assessing the deadlines and risks.

From a legal point of view, yes - you can. However, there are many different factors to consider. You have to hire a lawyer, prepare well for the case, file a lawsuit, and in the end the chances of getting compensation are relatively small. And the amount of compensation is usually around 1,000 PLN.

To write a proper reminder letter (ponaglenie) you will need a good knowledge of the Polish language, knowledge of legal aspects and the following documents:

  • Your passport details

  • Your residence card case number

  • The name of the inspector who is responsible for deciding your case

  • The legal provisions that the inspector violated

  • Reasoned justification for expediting the issuance of a residence card

You can see an example of such a letter here, but it is only an example. You should not limit yourself to these details.

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