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Assistance with obtaining a digital nomad visa in the shortest possible time

digital visa

Approximate terms:

20 working days - average time to obtain a digital nomad visa

Estimated costs:

Obtaining a Spanish digital nomad visa "turnkey" - €1 500

Service Description:

Do you work remotely and want to move to sunny Spain for a residence permit, but don't know how to do it properly? Leave a request, and we'll help you apply for a digital nomad visa as soon as possible.

The team of experienced migration experts at «aksis» will not only take care of the complete list of necessary documents for obtaining a digital nomad visa but will also assist you in all processing stages. We will competently prepare your application for you, give you advice, and consult you on all your questions.

«aksis» is a great experience, with competent staff and hundreds of satisfied clients. It's time to pack your bags - «aksis» will do everything for you!

The digital nomad visa is a special visa for freelancers, IT professionals, start-uppers, web designers, projectors, and copywriters who must be citizens of a country outside the European Union. This visa is issued for a total period of up to 5 years. Digital nomads can reside, work and travel legally in Spain.

The application process for a digital nomad visa in 2023 takes an average of 20 working days and consists of 8 important steps:

- Consultation with migration experts;

- Payment for the service;

- Collection of the required list of documents and translation into Spanish;

- Checking of the documents already in place;

- Submission of the documents;

- Resubmission of documents if necessary;

- Obtaining decision;

- Fingerprinting.

Foreigners who are not residents of Spain and who intend to reside in the country to work remotely for a company can expect to move to Spain on a digital nomad visa.

Candidates must carry out remote work or professional activities for companies located outside the national territory through the exclusive use of computers, telematics, and telecommunications facilities and systems.

There are certain requirements from the Spanish authorities. For example, you must have sufficient means of subsistence. Digital nomad visa holders must have at least 200% of the minimum interprofessional wage (€1,080 SMI) per month on hand

A visa holder who wants to take his family with him (there is such a possibility) should expect to have at least 75% of SMI added for relatives. For example, a teleworker may request a visa for his/her relatives as well: in this case, in addition to proof of kinship, an additional 75% will be required for the first relative and another 25% for each additional relative. For example, a married couple with two children must prove that they have a monthly amount equivalent to 325% SMI (200% of the holder + 75% of the spouse + 50% of the children - 25% each), a total of €3510 per month.

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