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/assistance in obtaining a nip number in poland for individuals and businessmen

Assistance in obtaining a NIP number in Poland for individuals and businessmen

NIP number in Poland

Approximate terms:

2-4 weeks

Estimated costs:

200 PLN

Service description:

If you are a physical person not engaged in business activities, you are not obliged to have your own NIP number. However, if you plan to be self-employed, then you probably already know that you can get a NIP number, through which tax activities are carried out in Poland. More details about who needs to get a NIP number are given in our article.

Our team of experienced migration agents will assist you in obtaining a NIP number. Our individual approach to each client allows us to obtain a positive result for our clients with high efficiency.

Contact aksis and get a fast and comprehensive solution of NIP number processing. Move to the aksis side!

We will explain everything briefly and clearly in order not to confuse you with obscure words. NIP (Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej) literally means "tax identification number". It is issued by the head of Urzędu Skarbowego and consists of 10 digits.

Those people who have already learned about the PESEL number may wonder what is the difference between the NIP and PESEL numbers. Despite the fact that PESEL is also responsible for tax activities, not everyone can get it (especially foreigners who have only recently arrived in Poland). PESEL has a wider range of functions, including the processing of various documents for a comfortable life in Poland.

There are two actual ways to issue an NIP number today:

1. You are a physical person and do not have EU citizenship or official documents for long-term residence in Poland (residence card). For employment you will need to provide your NIP number to the employer. In this case you need to find the relevant Urząd Skarbowy (you can do it here). Then you need to go there with the collected documents and paid stamp duty. On the spot, fill in a special NIP-7 form and hand everything over to an employee of the Urząd Skarbowy.

2. You are a businessman, then your business also needs a NIP number. You can apply for a NIP number through the CEIDG special business register. If you are already a member of CEIDG, you can apply for a NIP number for your business. If you run a business but are not a member of CEIDG, you can get a NIP number by filing a tax return.

There is also a European number NIP-EU, which is needed by businessmen who, after working in Poland, decided to expand to other countries of the European Union. In simple words - you need it in order to legally work and pay taxes in other countries. The number that you will be assigned will have two letters «PL» at the beginning, which stands for Poland.

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