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Assistance in obtaining a visa to Poland for foreigners of any country

Visa processing for foreigners in Poland

Approximate terms:

14 days

Estimated costs:

From 350 to 750 PLN

Service description:

Do you want to be legally employed in Poland, start your own business or get the key to freedom of movement and travel all over Europe? Migration agency aksis offers you a solution! Polish visa is becoming more and more popular among citizens of Turkey, India and CIS countries. It opens doors to employment opportunities in Poland or is a transit point on the way to more developed countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many others.

We specialize in processing any type of Polish visa to help you make your dreams come true. Whether you are looking for a job opportunity in Poland or seeking new opportunities beyond its borders, our professional agents will approach you on a personalized basis. Our migration agents have a thorough understanding of all Polish visa requirements and procedures and are ready to guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.

Don't miss the opportunity to open the doors to a new life! Contact aksis!

Today there are several different types of Polish visas, each of which is designed for specific purposes of stay in Poland and has its own characteristics and validity period. The purpose of the visa is indicated by a special letter-code including the following categories: A, B, C, D, FTD and LTV. In addition, there are other types of visas such as Schengen, National, Tourist, Business, Transit, Work, Student, Family and Humanitarian visas for citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

For more information about all types of Polish visas and their conditions, we have prepared the first part of our article, where you can familiarize yourself with each visa category and find out which one is most suitable for your needs.

Poland.Business Harbour program is a unique opportunity for IT specialists, start-ups and companies to get an easy and smooth relocation to the territory of the Republic of Poland. Thanks to this program, you can quickly and efficiently set up your business in Poland and receive assistance in obtaining the appropriate visa. Holders of visas marked Poland.Business Harbour are entitled to work in Poland without the need for additional authorization.

To become a participant of the Poland.Business Harbour program, you need to be an entrepreneur, start-up or freelancer who wants to develop and work in Poland. The program offers a number of advantages and simple application procedures. Firstly, you need to confirm your qualifications and collect the necessary documents to complete the program package.

For more information about the Poland.Business Harbour program, its conditions and requirements, you can visit the official website, where you will find all the necessary information on how to become a member of the Poland.Business Harbour program.

The consulate may have various reasons why you may be refused a Polish visa. Some of them include:

  • Lack of documents authorizing you to cross the Schengen border. You need to provide documents confirming your legal right to enter and stay in Schengen countries.

  • Unclear or unclear purpose of your visit. You should clearly explain to the consul for what purpose you plan to visit Poland and provide relevant documents confirming your purpose, such as an invitation for a business meeting or a hotel reservation for a tourist trip.

  • The consul considers that your presence in Poland may be a security risk or harmful to the country. This may be due to your history, previous offences, legal problems or other questionable factors.

  • Providing false statements or forged documents at the consulate. Any false or misleading information provided during the application process can lead to visa denial and have negative consequences in the future.

  • Lack of required health insurance. In order to obtain a Polish visa it is required to have health insurance covering the entire period of stay in Poland. Lack of such insurance may be grounds for refusal.

  • Insufficient financial security. The consul may request proof that you have sufficient funds for your own residence and stay in Poland. Failure to provide the relevant documents or to prove your financial capacity may result in the refusal of your visa.

Read the second part of our article for a step-by-step guide to applying for a visa to Poland.

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