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/car deregistration in poland in 2023. required documents, deadlines and useful tips

Car deregistration in Poland in 2023. Required documents, deadlines and useful tips

Sooner or later, every car owner faces the need to deregister their car. Regardless of whether you have had experience of this procedure before, it will always be useful to have up-to-date information, because in Poland there are frequent changes in government structures and legislation.

Today we have dedicated this article to deregistering your car in Poland in 2023. Here you will find useful tips and detailed information that will help you to deregister your vehicle as soon as possible. Let's go!


When is it necessary to deregister a car?

Today, there are several reasons and circumstances that can force a car owner to deregister a car:

1. Car sale. The most common reason for deregistering a car is the decision to sell the vehicle. If you intend to transfer the car to a new owner, it must first be deregistered so that the buyer can register it for himself.

2. Disposal. Accidents on the roads are not rare, and sometimes a vehicle becomes completely unsuitable for further use and is only to be scrapped. In such situations, the vehicle is sent for disposal, which also requires it to be deregistered.

3. Gift. Another typical situation is when the owner wishes to gift the car to someone else, such as a relative. However, the car must also be deregistered before it can be given as a gift.

4. Car theft. A sad reason that unfortunately sometimes happens to some drivers. If your car has never been found by the police, it must also be deregistered.

5. Car export abroad. It is not unusual for people to want to move their car to another country, for example for resale purposes or as part of a volunteer assistance.


What will happen for untimely deregistration of a car? Legislation and fines

The Road Traffic Act was updated in 2020, and according to the provision art.140mb, late deregistration of a car became financially punishable - a fine of 200 to 1000 PLN is provided.

In addition, it is worth remembering that all registered cars in Poland are obliged to have insurance, even if the vehicle is parked in a garage. Otherwise, the owner faces a fine of 5600 PLN. More about this in our article on car insurance.

To find out whether the car is registered at all, you need to go to the official portal and enter all the relevant information about the vehicle: the car's licence plate number, its VIN number and the date of first registration. All this information can be found in the registration certificate (dowód rejestracyjny). You will see a report on the vehicle, you will be able to see the current information about insurance, the last technical inspection, information about the mileage of the car and the registration status itself. Pay attention, if the status itself will be information: zarejestrowany - in this case the car is not yet deregistered, and if the status will be wyrejestrowany - in this case the car is already deregistered. On the same portal you can download the full report. After the procedure is completed, you can proceed to the next stage.


List of required documents

Here is the list of basic documents for car deregistration in Poland in 2023:

→ Application for deregistration. The application form (wniosek) you can download here, and it must be filled in correctly and contain all the necessary information about the vehicle and its owner.

→ Fee payment receipt. To deregister a car you need to pay a fee of PLN 10. If the procedure is carried out by power of attorney, you will need to pay PLN 17 for the power of attorney, you can download its form by clicking here.

→ Your identity document. Foreigners are entitled to provide a passport or a residence card as such a document.

→ Technical passport (Dowód rejestracyjny). You need to provide the original of this document.

→ Karta pojazdu. You need to submit this document only if you have it. As of recently, are not required when registering a vehicle. There is no such obligation. We can keep it as a memento or give it to the Liaison Office for archiving.

→ Document confirming the grounds for deregistration. Moreover, depending on the circumstances, you may need to provide a document to prove the grounds for deregistration:

1. Sale. In case of sale of the car, it is necessary to provide a sale and purchase agreement, which will confirm the transfer of the car to the new owner.

2. Vehicle disposal. If the car is going to be disposed of, you must apply to the relevant organization, submit an application for disposal and then obtain a vehicle dismantling certificate (zaświadczenie o demontażu). After disposal, you have 30 days to deregister the vehicle, otherwise you may be fined up to two thousand PLN.

3. Gift. In the case of a car gift, it is sufficient to provide a deed of gift.

4. Car theft. In the case of car thefts, it is also required to submit a certificate from the police about the theft of the vehicle. Here you can download the form and make a payment of 17 PLN, the payment must be attached to the application submitted to the police.

5. Loss of licence plates. For this purpose, you will need to fill in oświadczenie, the application you can download here, or you can ask for it on the spot in the very urząde to which the submission takes place.

Reissue costs


Trailer / semi-trailer / agricultural tractor



Licence plates

40zł per unit




Holographic sticker





Total amount





If you are the owner of a foreign company (cultural centres and foundations) – the procedure and type of documents is slightly different. In this case, we recommend contacting our agents who will be able to advise you based on your case.


Where and how to deregister a car in Poland?

After you have carefully prepared all the necessary documents appropriate to your situation, the next step is to contact the communications department (do wydziału komunikacji urzędu właściwego dla miejsca) of your region, district, etc. You will definitely recognize this place, as it is where you registered your car.

Before visiting the Communications Department, it is recommended to book a visit with a coupon so that you don't have to wait for the whole day. Next, you need to submit all the documents you have collected along with a competently filled-out questionnaire.

As a rule, the whole process of deregistering a car takes 1-2 working days. However, if there are disputes or the need for legal proceedings, the procedure may take up to 30-60 days.


Useful tips for deregistration a car

1. The car has more than one legal owner - what to do?

In such case all owners must report to the communications department of the office for the removal procedure. However, to avoid inconvenience and unnecessary meetings, it is possible to make a power of attorney for one of the owners. Each owner has to pay 17 PLN for the power of attorney and 10 PLN tax fee.

2. Refunding part of the insurance costs

Let's imagine you decide to sell your car and you have paid insurance until the end of the year, you don't want to lose money for nothing. In this case, you can apply to the insurance company with the appropriate application and provide information about the deregistration of the car. After the sale, the insurance can be transferred to the new owner, which will allow you to recover part of the money for the unused insurance period.


How can we help?

Contacting our migration agency aksis, you will receive top-class assistance and professional support in the process of deregistration of your car in Poland. We value every client and offer an individual approach to solving your problems. Our team of experienced agents is always ready to provide comprehensive assistance at any stage of the service, which will allow you to deal with the formalities quickly and hassle-free.

Put your trust in our experience and professionalism and we will ensure that you get your car deregistered in Poland quickly. Contact us now!


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