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/assistance in obtaining a residence registration (extract) in poland in 1 day

Assistance in obtaining a residence registration (extract) in Poland in 1 day

Obtaining Residency Registration (Deregistration) in Poland in 1 Day.

Approximate terms:

1 working day

Estimated costs:

200 PLN

Service description:

The residence registration (meldunek) is an official confirmation of your place of residence in Poland. This document is important for migration procedures, including obtaining various types of visas, work and residence permits. Without a correct propiska or meldunek in Poland, you may encounter difficulties in opening a bank account, obtaining medical services, registering an identification number and other important procedures.

We understand that time is the most valuable resource, so we offer a quick and efficient solution for obtaining a residence registration. Cooperating with us you can be sure of obtaining meldunek | zameldowanie in 1 day.

Our experienced migration agents have all the necessary knowledge in the field of legal processes in Poland. We have all the necessary information and regulations to help you quickly and competently arrange your registration or extract. We guarantee high quality services and a personalised approach to each client.

To begin with, there are three current ways in which foreigners can obtain a Meldunek in Poland:

1. Online. Unfortunately, this method does not work for residents of all countries in the world, but only for citizens of the European Union, as well as for citizens of the European Free Trade Association countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). Through the ePUAPonline public services portal in Poland you can obtain not only a PESEL, a digital signature, but also a residence registration.

2. Citizens of other countries can easily obtain a residence registration in Poland from their local Urząd office. If you do not know the address of your local office, you may ask your landlord or a neighbour, or simply use Google Maps.

3. Register by proxy. You may only submit your power of attorney in writing.

Actually, obtaining an extract from your old residence is not much different from registering your new place of residence. There are also two ways to do this: at the local authority and online.

When you register your new place of residence in Urząd, you will be immediately discharged from your old place of residence, while the online method requires a trusted profile and a digital signature.

To obtain a residence registration in Poland, you will need:

  • A passport/visa

  • A filled-in temporary residence permit application form

  • A document confirming the right to use the accommodation (rental agreement or certificate of ownership of the premises)

Prompt: We offer an express service that allows you to obtain a residence registration or extract in one day. We value your time and do everything we can to speed up the process.

Professionalism: Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of Polish migration law and experience in dealing with various clients. We have dozens of successful client cases to our credit. You can fully rely on us.

Personalised approach: We understand that each client has unique needs and requirements. We provide a personalised approach and aim to provide a solution that suits your specific circumstances.

Quality: We guarantee the high quality of the services we provide. Our team carefully checks and prepares all documents and application forms to make sure they meet the requirements and regulations.

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