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/residence permit

/assistance with applying for and receiving a working residence card as soon as possible

Assistance with applying for and receiving a working residence card as soon as possible

work card

Approximate terms:

7-30 days waiting time to apply

14 days limit for filing missing or required documents

90 days is the average waiting time for a permit issuance

14 days to prepare and send the appeal

Estimated costs:

50 PLN for a plastic card manufacturing

Service description:

Experienced staff of Aksis will help You not only with the procedure of applying for and receiving the residence card on the basis of work, but will also accompany You on all stages of receiving the document, answering all your questions and telling you about all the "secrets" of applying for the residence card on the basis of work.

To quickly receive the card, it is important to gather the complete set of documents that are in full compliance with Polish law. The next step is to fill in the application form, which must be completed only in Polish. In order to avoid unwanted delays, the application must be completed correctly and submitted together with the complete set of documents.

First of all, receiving a working residence card provides the prospect of obtaining Polish citizenship.

Relatedly, opens up attractive opportunities: free travel within the EU; registration of cars and real estate; employment under a simplified program (without additional permits); and the possibility of taking credit under pleasant and favorable conditions.

These are not all the benefits of such a card, you also get bonuses such as a range of allowances from the Polish state and the opportunity to save on opening visas and public transport.

A correctly completed package of documents is the initial guarantee of success in receiving a residence card. To ensure that the whole process goes smoothly and without delays, you will need to gather:

- Foreign passport;

- Four photos;

- Contract of a lease for the property in Poland;

- Document proving you do not have unpaid taxes;

- Polish health insurance;

- Letter from the "starosta";

- A competently completed application form.

For a more precise list of documents, you can check with your voivodship.

Assistance with receiving a residence card for students

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