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/assistance with speeding up the receiving of a permanent residence permit

Assistance with speeding up the receiving of a permanent residence permit


Approximate terms:

7-30 days waiting time to apply

14 days limit for filing missing or required documents

90 days is the average waiting time for a permit issuance

14 days to prepare and send the appeal

Estimated costs:

50 PLN for a plastic card manufacturing

Service Description:

One of the most important points on the path to obtaining a permanent residence permit in Poland is the proper submission of documents. Also, the filling in of the application form, which must be in Polish only, plays a key role.

Our team of specialists will help You with the paperwork, submission of the documents, and the application, providing support at every step of the process so that You can get Your permanent residence card in the shortest possible time. In case of refusal, an appeal is provided, which we will help You to make so that You will definitely receive a positive decision from the Voivodeship.

The permanent residence permit is the highest step towards Polish citizenship. In fact, this document gives foreigners almost the same rights and opportunities as Poles, except that You will not be able to vote in Polish elections. In general, the advantages are as follows:

- Being legally present on the territory of Poland;

- The possibility to study for free in Polish schools, universities and get free medical services;

- The right to work without any additional certificates and permits;

- Rather good credit conditions in banks;

- The possibility to travel freely to the Schengen countries.

And the biggest benefit will be the fact that after 3 years of Permanent Residence status, You can apply for Polish citizenship.

The list of persons applying for a long-term stay in Poland is quite extensive:

- Persons who are not residents of Poland and have been married to Polish citizens for at least three years and have a document of legal residence in Poland;

- Children born from a marriage with Polish citizens;

- Children born after a parent received a permanent residence permit;

- Non-residents of the Polish state who have been in the country (continuously) for at least ten years;

- Refugees who have been living in Poland on the basis of a residence permit for over 5 years;

- Residents of other countries who have been officially employed for four years or more in demanded professions.

Depending on the grounds on which You are applying for a permanent residence permit, the list of documents may vary. However, the main list of documents is as follows:

- Foreign passport;

- A bank statement showing Your earnings;

- Four photo cards and a properly completed application form (Wniosek);

- Receipt of tax payment;

- Housing availability (rental agreement);

- Health insurance;

It is important to know that in the event of a negative refusal the stamp duty fee will be refunded to You. And the best solution in such an unpleasant situation is to contact the aksis agency - we will quickly and competently help You to make an appeal and get the desired result for You.

Assistance with receiving a residence card for students

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