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/assistance in obtaining a residence card for entrepreneurs in the shortest possible time

Assistance in obtaining a residence card for entrepreneurs in the shortest possible time

Obtaining a Residence Card for Entrepreneurs in Poland. Quickly and Professionally

Approximate terms:

1-2 months

Estimated costs:

500 PLN

Service description:

Do you have a business activity in Poland, but have not yet received a residence card? Since recently, all self-employed persons have the right to obtain a residence permit by doing business in Poland. This is the right time to legalize yourself in Poland by doing business!

We realize that time is the most valuable resource, and therefore we offer you a quick and efficient solution for obtaining a residence card in Poland by opening a sole proprietorship. By cooperating with us, you can be sure of obtaining the legal right to reside in the country in the shortest possible time.

Our experienced migration agents have all the necessary knowledge of legal processes in Poland. Moreover, we help you not only to obtain a residence card, but also to officially register your sole proprietorship in Poland. We guarantee high quality of our services and individual approach to each client.

Let's start with the fact that this procedure will require two different sets of documents. The first set of documents will relate specifically to you as an individual, and the second set of documents will relate to your firm.

1. Personal documents. Here is what you will need to prepare: address for correspondence; proof of income not lower than the minimum wage in Poland; health insurance; 4 photo cards; passport; completed application for a request for a residence card.

2. Documents related to the company. Take care of the following documents: certificate of absence of debts to ZUS; certificate of absence of debts to the tax office; statement from the bank servicing your company.

The most important thing is that your project must be interesting for Polish society and its economy. In order to obtain a residence card, you will also have to submit a developed business plan, which will be thoroughly checked. There are two more requirements that an individual entrepreneur must fulfill:

  • Hire at least two Poles to work for you.

  • Show the net profit of your sole proprietorship, which should not be less than 12 average salaries (on average it is 70 thousand PLN).

There is no unique formula for success or advice that will help you get an inspector 100% faster. But there are guidelines that can make the difference between you getting a positive response faster. Inspectors will want to see all sorts of paperwork about your business. You can show contracts with your customers, partners and counterparties. You should also provide any KRS statements that you have. We have told you more about how to get a visit card on the basis of business activity in our article.

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