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/what should you know about the poland business harbour program? how to move to poland as an it specialist?

What should you know about the Poland Business Harbour program? How to move to Poland as an IT specialist?

Are you an experienced IT professional who wants to move to Poland with the prospect of citizenship? Stay with us!

Today in this article we will tell you about the large-scale project Poland.Business Harbour, which has already helped thousands of highly qualified professionals to move to Poland. Moreover, you will learn how to become a participant of this program and also move to Poland for a residence permit. Here we go!


Briefly about Poland.Business Harbour program

This project has been running since 2020 and aims to attract investments from abroad, IT specialists and successful start-ups. The Poland.Business Harbour program offers special conditions and opportunities for participants to move to the country, as well as some benefits.


Who can move to Poland under the Poland.Business Harbour program?

In simple words, the country needs more skilled manpower as well as investment. Therefore, this program is ideal for:

  • IT specialists. Literate specialists in the field of programming who are invited to work in Poland. It is mandatory to have a university degree in the relevant speciality. On this website you can find companies that hire employees under the Poland.Business Harbour program.

  • Entrepreneurs. Owners of small, medium and large companies who are moving their business to Poland from another country.

  • Start-ups. These are foreigners who have come up with interesting solutions or business models. Such people receive a one-off grant of PLN 5100 under this program.

  • Family members of the program participants. This is one of the most significant advantages, because a participant of the Poland.Business Harbour program can bring the whole family with him.


Moving to Poland under the Poland.Business Harbour program in 2023

The first steps after moving are quite simple:

  • Rent a property

  • Find a job

Although it is sometimes possible to do everything in reverse order, the most important thing is that after you sign a rental agreement, you need to take care of the residence registration (meldunek). We have described in our article how to get a residence registration in Poland in the shortest possible time and without any headaches. Together with the residence registration you will be given a PESEL number (think of it as your identification code in Poland).

If you are a business owner, you also have the opportunity to move to Poland and continue to run your business here. However, there is no material support in this case, only free counselling.


List of required documents for moving under the Poland.Business Harbour program

It is worth understanding that it does not matter whether you are an IT specialist, a start-up or the owner of your own enterprise, the scheme for obtaining a residence permit is the same. As we have already written above, participants of the program receive benefits, and they consist in the simplicity of drawing up documents for living in the country. To obtain a special visa, you will need the following list of documents:

  • Passport

  • Photo cards

  • Health insurance

  • Completed national visa application form

  • Proof of your eligibility for the Poland.Business Harbour program

The good thing is that there is no consular fee for this type of visa, you just need to pay it at the visa centre (it is 11 euros per person). In case of a favorable decision, you will receive a D-23 national visa.


What is the visa period for the Poland.Business Harbour program?

As we have already written above, in case of a favorable decision, you will receive a national visa D-23. This is a national visa, which is issued for a period of 90 to 365 days. Most likely, you will receive a visa for the maximum period, i.e. for one year.

During the period when the visa is valid, you can stay legally not only in Poland, but also in other European Union countries for three months.



Poland.Business Harbour program is intended for IT specialists, start-ups or entrepreneurs from other countries. The program is designed for foreigners from CIS countries (Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia) and also for citizens of Ukraine. Thanks to the program you can easily move to Poland and get a high-paying job and certain benefits.


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