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/how and where to obtain a residence registration / extract for a foreigner? some tips to help you obtain a polish residence registration (meldunek)

How and where to obtain a residence registration / extract for a foreigner? Some tips to help you obtain a Polish residence registration (meldunek)

It is worth starting with the fact that if you are planning to live in Poland for more than one month, it is definitely time to think about applying for residence registration, as you simply have to get this. In this article, we will share with you valuable information about what residence registration is and why you should apply for it. In addition, we will provide a complete list of documents required to obtain a residence registration in Poland, as well as share two current guides on how to obtain a Meldunek.

Today, there are two types of residence registration (meldunek) in Poland: temporary (czasowy) and permanent (staly). The residence registration (meldunek / zameldowanie) is the official registration of the place of residence in Poland. It is obligatory for all residents, including foreigners, who plan to live in the country for a long time. residence registration is issued by the local authorities, i.e. the urząd in your gmina, and it is of great importance for a foreigner. In addition to being a legal requirement, the propiska also gives you access to various services and benefits, such as:

  • getting medical care

  • opening a bank account

  • registering a tax identification number, i.e. PESEL, which we wrote about earlier in our article

  • and more


Full list of necessary documents for residence registration in Poland

You will need the following documents in order to obtain a residence registration:

Valid passport and visa. If you are applying for a permanent residence registration, you will need another type of ID*. And if you are a citizen of Ukraine and come from there on a visa-free regime, the municipality will need one of the following documents: a residence card, refugee status, a temporary residence permit for foreigners in Poland (decyzja) or a residence permit.

Completed application form for temporary residence permits. If you are applying for a temporary residence registration, you can download the form from the official website and fill it in at home, or you can take it directly to the municipality and fill it in there. If you are applying for permanent residence registration, you can download the form here.

Document proving the right to use the accommodation. Such a document may well be a lease agreement or certificate of ownership of the premises.

The good news is that if you have all your documents correctly, you will be issued with a residence registration in the municipality on the same day. Let's now look at the two current ways to get a residence registration in Poland.


What documents are required if you own or are otherwise entitled to the flat?

If you own the property or have other title to the property in which you or your family would like to be registered, all you need to do is produce one document that proves your right to the property. Such a document may be:

1) a civil law contract, such as a lease

2) a land and mortgage register extract or an extract from the land and mortgage register sections 1 and 2

3) an administrative decision

4) court decision


Method 1: Obtaining a residence registration at the municipality

A personal visit to the municipality is the most common way to obtain a meldunek. You should visit your local municipal office (municipality), where you will be provided with a residence registration form or you should bring it already filled in from home. Then present the completed form and the required documents. After your documents and the registration form have been checked, you will be issued with a Residence Registration Certificate.


Method 2: Obtaining a residence registration remotely

In some cases, it is possible to obtain a residence registration remotely, without having to visit the municipality in person. This can be done through the ePuap portal, the guide to which we have written in our article. Thanks to ePuap you can not only apply for meldunek, but also get your digital signature for business and other purposes. You can also use this online service to obtain a PESEL. Only citizens of the European Union or family members of EU and EFTA citizens (Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) can apply for a residence permit in Poland online. In order to obtain a meldunek online, it is necessary to have a personal eGo account on the national ePuap platform. Then you have to prepare the documents - you may make scans or take photos and then upload them to the service. If you have submitted all the documents correctly, you will receive your registration in your ePuap account right away.


What are the nuances of applying for a residence registration in Poland nowadays?

The nuances in applying for residence registration in Poland may change over time. This is especially true for residents of Ukraine, as they are subject to special privileges and regulations in Poland due to the war, and these laws change frequently. It is therefore advisable to check the latest requirements and procedures on official commune websites or seek advice from aksis migration agents, rather than taking advice from bloggers who are completely ignorant of legal matters.

Problems with residence registration - what to do?

You may not have title to the property you want to register, or the landlord does not want to give proof in the registration form. What to do in such cases?

  • Submit the registration form to the office of the municipality where the property is located;

  • Attach to the form a statement in which you inform the office of the reason for the missing documents;

  • The office will then carry out an administrative inspection and determine whether you actually live there. If their answer is positive, you will be given an administrative decision to move in.


How to extract from the old place of residence?Considering two methods

Well, we've already figured out how to register, now we have to figure out how to extract. Let's look at two methods - via Urząd and online:

1. Via Urząd. You can check out of your old place of residence already when you move in and register in your new premises. Urząd will register you in the new place and you will automatically sign out from the old one.

2. Online. You will need a trusted profile for this, as well as a digital signature. A little advice: if you are planning to register in a new place, it is better to use the Urząd method of registration.


A few reasons to contact to aksis

When it deals with obtaining a residence registration and other migration issues in Poland, contacting a professional migration agency such as aksis can be a worthwhile solution. We are experienced professionals who have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you obtain a residence registration and related migration procedures. We offer a personalized approach and guarantee the efficiency and reliability of our services. By contacting aksis, you will receive all necessary advice, assistance in preparing documents and representation before official bodies.

Don't forget that getting a residence registration in Poland is an important step for a stable and successful life in Poland. Make your life in Poland easier by trusting aksis!


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