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/what is required for car insurance in poland?

What is required for car insurance in Poland?

Poland like many other countries, has a compulsory car insurance system to ensure the safety and protection of both drivers and pedestrians. This is not surprising, as there are 25 million registered cars in Poland today. In Poland, car insurance regulations are based on compulsory third-party liability insurance and also offer non-compulsory supplementary insurance. Today, we will look more closely at what you need in order to arrange car insurance in Poland.


What documents are required for car insurance in Poland?

The main requirement for insurance is a registered car. If your car is not yet officially registered, you will not be able to insure it. To successfully insure your car, you must have a package of documents including:

- Valid technical passport;

- Vehicle registration plates;

- Previous owner's insurance policy (only if you bought the car and want to re-insure it);

- PESEL identification number. This is controversial because some insurance companies require a PESEL, although this is not foreseen by Polish law.


What types of insurance in Poland in 2023?

1. Сompulsory third party liability insurance:

The main requirement for car insurance in Poland is compulsory third party liability insurance. This form of insurance provides compensation to victims in the event of a road accident where the driver is at fault. The cost of insurance will depend on various factors, such as the power of the car, the age and experience of the driver.

2. Additional forms of insurance:

Besides compulsory third-party liability insurance, Poland offers various additional forms of insurance that can provide additional protection and coverage. One such form is car theft and damage insurance. This covers damage to your car as a result of theft, fire or natural disaster. There's also personal injury (NNW) insurance, which provides compensation for the driver and passengers in the event of injury or disability, as well as legal protection insurance.

If you are involved in transportation on apps such as Bolt, Uber and FreeNow, you must also have valid car insurance.


How to calculate the cost of car insurance?

Many drivers wonder how much the insurance will cost. Generally speaking, the cost of vehicle insurance depends on several factors: the year of the car and its technical specifications, driver experience, type of insurance and other.

You can use a handy insurance quote calculator by clicking here. To find out the approximate price of your future insurance, simply fill in the required details and click "Porównaj oferty OC AC".

The largest Polish insurance companies providing statutory and supplementary insurance services include PZU, Warta, Ergo Hestia. The average cost of insurance for a year is approximately PLN 560.


Is there a fine for lack of insurance?

Yes, there are fines for lack of car insurance in Poland. Legislation requires that every car must be insured for at least mandatory third-party liability insurance. This means that if you are involved in a traffic accident, the driver will be covered for financial responsibility to third parties, including passengers and other road users.

Without insurance the driver may be fined by the Polish police, the amount of the fine depends on the number of days without insurance:

Light vehicles



Up to 3 days

1400 PLN

2090 PLN

230 PLN

From 4 to 13 days

3490 PLN

5240 PLN

580 PLN

Over 14 days

6980 PLN

10470 PLN

1160 PLN

It is worth noting that starting from July 2023, the Polish authorities plan to increase the fines for lack of insurance.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, you should arrange insurance as soon as you register your car. The experienced team at aksis will help you to get your car insured with any type of insurance quickly and efficiently. Contact us for advice and help with obtaining insurance for your vehicle. With aksis, you and your car will be well protected!


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