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/how to re-issue a driver's license to polish in 2023?

How to re-issue a driver's license to Polish in 2023?

Today, almost everyone realizes that a car is not a luxurious commodity, but an integral part of our lives. Especially people living in big cities are faced with the fact that they often have to travel long distances to get from point A to point B.

If you live in Poland and drive a car, sooner or later you will have to change your driving license to a Polish sample. When people think about changing their old driving license to a new Polish sample, they often have a lot of questions. Today, we will explain how to change your driving license to a Polish sample, and what are the nuances.


When is it necessary to change an old driver's license?

Poland is one of the countries that signed the Vienna Convention back in 1986, which means that you can drive in the country with a driving license from other countries that have also signed the agreement.

However, if you have been living in Poland for more than 185 days (this is considered a long stay) and drive a car with a license from your home country, you need to replace it with a Polish license.


What documents are required to re-issue a driving license to a Polish sample?

The list of documents for the replacement for a Polish driving license is the following:

1. A valid passport and a copy

2. Fresh color photos (size 35 x 45 mm; white background)

3. Completed application for replacement of driving license

4. Document confirming your legal stay in Poland (residence card or visa)

5. Certificate from the medical committee

6. Document confirming your place of residence in Poland (rental contract)

7. Original driving license and its copy in Polish

8. Invoice on payment of state fees


What are the steps involved in re-issuing a driving license to a Polish sample?

The process of re-issuing a driving license to a Polish sample consists of 4 steps:

1. Collecting the documents. The driver needs to collect the whole package of documents.

2. Fill in the form. You need to fill in an application for re-issuing of your driving license which you can get in person at the "Urząd" or simply download from the Urząd's website.

3. Submission of documents. Submit your completed application and documents to your local authority.

4. Waiting. You will be notified by e-mail or a text message on your phone when your new license is ready.

The main advantage for people from CIS countries is that it is not necessary to retake the driving test.


How long does it take to re-issue a driving license to a Polish sample?

Official sources state a 30-day deadline for the replacement of the license, but the reality is slightly different. As statistics show, 50 working days are the average time for the replacement of the old license with a Polish one.

In order to exchange your driving license for a Polish one as soon as possible, you should seek the assistance of the experienced experts of the aksis agency. We can assist you with the paperwork, filling out the application for you, and helping you apply for a Polish driving license. Do you want to reissue your driving license to a Polish sample? Write to aksis!


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