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/what changes await everyone living in poland in 2024?

What changes await everyone living in Poland in 2024?

It is not so long now and the next year 2024 will soon be here. During this time, many foreigners from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Turkey and other countries have moved to Poland. As practice shows, with the coming of a new year, the laws that were adopted earlier start to come into force.

In this article we will share with you all the changes that await those living in Poland in 2024. Enjoy reading this article!


Changes in the amount of aid in the «Rodzina 500+» program

Let us start with the most important and probably the most joyful change for millions of people in Poland, including foreigners – the change in the amount of aid in the «Rodzina 500+» program.

Let us remind you what the «Rodzina 500+» program is:

  • Financial support for families with children

  • 500 PLN per month for each child

  • Both Polish citizens and foreigners can benefit from the program

  • More information on what the Rodzina 500+ program is and how to take advantage of it can be found in our article

What are the changes? On 7 August 2023, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed an important law that raises the level of state benefits «Rodzina 500+» to PLN 800. This program will now be called «Rodzina 800+». You will not have to wait long for the changes - the law will come into force from 1 January 2024. Such amendments were discussed a long time ago, but it was only possible to realize this task this year.


Changes in the cash usage limit

The second change that awaits everyone living in Poland in 2024 is not the most pleasant. This change consists in setting new limits on the use of cash. Most of all such limits will affect sole proprietorships, entrepreneurs, etc.

Today, entrepreneurs can use 15000 PLN in cash per day, but from 2024 this amount will be cut almost in half - to 8000 PLN. Such limits were introduced to fight those who evade full payment of taxes and those who launder money.

Also, the amount of goods you buy with cash cannot exceed 20 thousand zlotys. If the desired goods cost more than 20 thousand, you must pay with a bank card or send a money transfer.

The changes also affected the cash withdrawal limit at ATMs in Poland:

  • Bank «PEKAO» – 1000-3000 PLN per day/ no more than 5000 PLN per month

  • Bank «Mbank» – no more than 10 thousand PLN per month

  • Bank «PKO» – no more than 5000 PLN for debit card/ no more than 15000 PLN for credit card

  • Bank «Euronet» – no more than 800 PLN per transaction

  • Bank «Millennium» – no more than 20000 PLN per day

  • Bank «Santander» – no more than 15000 PLN per day

  • Bank «ING» – no more than 10000 PLN per day


Changes in the Labour Code

The following changes in our list concern employed persons. Currently, the maximum number of holiday days for those who work on the basis of «umowa o pracę» is 26 days (depends on the total work). It is also possible to sometimes increase the number of days off. For example, when a public holiday coincides with Saturday, the employee is entitled to get a day off on another day of the week.

Starting from 2024:

  • Maximum number of days of holiday can be 35 days (not for all).

  • It is possible to get 5 additional holiday days on the basis of «urlop opiekuńczy». For those who live with family members who are disabled or require special care.

  • It is possible to take 2 emergency (family) leave days.

  • You can take 2 days off for childcare (paid days).


Changes in the validity of Ukrainian driving licences in Poland

First of all, due to the war on the territory of Ukraine, Poland previously amended the Act on Assistance to Ukrainian Refugees and allowed drive cars in Poland on the basis of Ukrainian licenses until the end of 2023. However, this period is about to expire and no new amendments have been made.

This means that starting from 1 January 2024, all Ukrainian citizens are obliged to drive on the basis of Polish licence. We have already told you more about it in our article.



Well, we have learnt what changes await everyone living in Poland in 2024. To keep up to date with all the latest news and changes in Poland, follow our blog aksis, which is regularly updated with interesting articles!


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