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/ukrainian driving licences are valid in poland until the end of 2023

Ukrainian driving licences are valid in Poland until the end of 2023

The amendments to the Special Act on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens, which came into force on 1 January 2023, allow Ukrainians to use their driving licenses in Poland until 31 December 2023. Moreover, it is possible to drive not only with valid driving licenses, which were issued by authorized Ukrainian authorities, but also to drive with expired driving licenses, which have long since expired. Such advantages are granted to Ukrainian citizens due to the war on the territory of Ukraine.


How long is it possible to drive in Poland on the basis of a driving license of CIS countries (except Ukraine)?

For citizens of CIS countries ( excluding Ukraine) there are certain time limits - 6 months. This means that if you come to Poland for a short-term visit, you don't even have to think about replacing your license with a Polish one and drive on your old one. However, if you come to the country for a longer stay (185 days = 6 months), you need to replace your license with a Polish one.

Despite this legal requirement, many foreigners ignore this requirement and continue to drive with the license of their home country. Indeed, many are lucky and do not encounter problems even when checked by the police. In some cases, the police may overlook the lack of a Polish license. However, it is important to understand that ignoring the requirement to replace your license can have consequences. For example, if you intend to claim insurance compensation in the event of a road traffic accident, not having a Polish driving license will prevent you from getting the compensation you want. In addition, you will not be able to get a job in large transport companies or even taxis, because for example in Warsaw and other cities it is required to have a Polish driving license after 2-3 months of stay, otherwise you will not be able to get a license if you have exceeded these terms, we wrote about it in our article earlier.

It is also worth considering that when taking out car insurance, taking into account such aspects from the year of issue of the license and their strange issuance can also depend on the recalculation, as it is a risk for insurance companies. We remind you that you can also take out insurance for your car with us, we work with trusted partners who will help you with legal insurance.


Is it possible to drive a car with Ukrainian numbers and registration in Poland in 2023?

Running ahead - yes! Until 31 December 2023, residents of Ukraine can cross the border with Poland in their cars with Ukrainian plates and move around the country without any problems. The situation with Ukrainian plates and car registration is similar to that of a driving license - until the end of this year there will be no questions to you.


How to re-issue a driving license in Poland after 31 December 2023?

Reissuing a driving license in Poland is not a particularly complicated process, especially for Ukrainians, as you will not have to retake the driving test. You just need to change the document:

Collecting documents. Making a sworn translation based on your license.

Filling (wniosek) form.

Submitting documents to the local municipal office.

Waiting for the new licence.

As for the cost of changing your driving license to a Polish sample: this procedure will cost you about 150 PLN. First you will have to pay the state tax of PLN 100, and after that you will have to pay PLN 50 for the plastic (production of the driving license).

You can find more information about the procedure of changing the driving license for foreigners in Poland in our article.


How can we help?

The aksis team is professional migration agents ready to assist you in replacing Ukrainian driving licenses for Polish sample. We have the experience and knowledge necessary for a quick and successful replacement of your driving license. Trust us and we will help you replace your driving license in the shortest possible time, ensuring that you can drive safely and legally in Poland.


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