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/financial assistance in poland under the rodzina 500+ program. how to receive 500 pln every month?

Financial assistance in Poland under the RODZINA 500+ program. How to receive 500 PLN every month?

If you have moved to Poland together with your children, you will certainly face considerable expenses every month. However, the state offers you the opportunity to receive significant financial assistance.

Read in this article about who can receive 500 PLN each month and under what conditions. We will provide detailed instructions on how to become a participant of the «RODZINA 500+» program. Enjoy reading the article!


How does the «RODZINA 500+» program work in Poland?

It is clear from the program's title «RODZINA 500+» that its essence is to provide financial assistance to families with children by giving them monthly payments of 500 PLN. These funds are given once a month and are calculated for each child in the family. For example, if you have two children, you will receive 1000 PLN, if you have three children, you will receive 1500 PLN, and so on. The financial assistance is credited exclusively to a bank card, so it is necessary to open an account in a Polish bank (see below for more details).

The creation of the «RODZINA 500+» program is due to a serious demographic problem in Poland - the declining birth rate. The government of the country decided to take this issue under control by providing financial support to families with children. You can read more about the «RODZINA 500+» program on the official website.


Who can apply for financial assistance under the «RODZINA 500+» program?

This program is intended for Polish citizens and also for foreigners (under certain conditions). Until 2019, only families with a low income could receive 500 PLN. However, today this condition has been removed and almost everyone can receive the payment. Also, the most important condition is to reside in Poland on a permanent basis (even if you are a Polish citizen, but you live temporarily in another country, you will not be able to receive payments).

Foreigners can receive assistance under the following conditions:

  • You have at least one child in your family

  • You are legally resident in Poland

  • You have the right to employment

In simple words: if you have a permanent residence card, temporary residence card and other documents that stipulate the right to employment, you will be able to receive assistance. And if your residence document does not stipulate the right to employment, you will not be able to receive assistance. Also, those who come for seasonal work will not be able to receive 500 PLN per month per child.


How to become a member of the «RODZINA 500+» program?

If you meet all of the above conditions, you can join the program. There are two ways to join the assistance program, which we will look at in a moment:

→ Via bank. This method is quite simple and easy. You need to have an open account with the Polish bank PEKAO. Go to the website and click on the «Złóż wniosek» button. Then fill in the online form and wait for a decision on your request.

→ Via the PUE ZUS portal. You can submit your request via the PUE ZUS portal. Go to the website and log in to your account. Looking for the tab «RODZINA 500+» and also fill in the required form.

Foreigners need to gather such documents so that the request is definitely approved:

  • Passport and a document that confirms legal residence and access to the labor market (residence card, residence permit and even some visas)

  • Marriage certificate

  • Birth certificate of each child

IMPORTANT: documents must be translated with an apostille.

There is no clear deadline for processing your request, but your application will definitely be processed within one calendar month. Financial payments will be sent to the card number you provided on the application form.


Could financial assistance be denied to families with children?

You have to take into account that in the process of requesting financial assistance under the «RODZINA 500+» program, there may also be situations when your request may be rejected. There are the main reasons that may serve as grounds for refusal:

  • Incorrectly completed request form. Even minor errors or omissions can lead to the rejection of the application.

  • Ineligibility to access the labour market in Poland.

If your request is denied, you will receive a notice that details the reason your request was denied. This letter may even include a possible solution to your problem.


Summarizing the results

As people say «no money is too much», especially when you have children in your family. That is why the «RODZINA 500+» program is the best solution for families in Poland. Now you know how to join the program and receive 500 PLN for each child every month.


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