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/obtaining «code 95» | świadectwo kwalifikacji zawodowej in poland. cost, nuances and pitfalls

Obtaining «Code 95» | Świadectwo kwalifikacji zawodowej in Poland. Cost, nuances and pitfalls

In today's world, where transport plays a vital role in economic activity and the movement of people and goods, having professional driving skills becomes a key factor. One such important step to improve your skills and level of professionalism is to obtain a "Code 95". Moreover, we all know that the salaries of lorry and van drivers in Europe are high.

If you want to know about what the process of getting a Code 95 looks like, its cost and nuances - stay tuned and read this article.


Who can qualify for Code 95?

Let's start generally with what Code 95 is. Code 95 is an official Certificate of Qualification (Świadectwo kwalifikacji zawodowej), which confirms the professional skills and knowledge of the driver of a vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. Code 95 is an entry in the driving licence. The code is placed in the format «95/date/month/year».

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Drivers who hold these driving categories may be able to obtain Code 95:

  • D1; D1+E; D; D+E; C1; C1+E; С

In terms of age, you can obtain Code 95 from the age of 18, as you must be of legal age to open the C1 category. You can read more about the age at which the different categories can be opened by clicking here.


The long course and the short course. What is the difference?

If you are a novice driver and have never been certified before, you will have a long course to complete. For those who have already taken a long course, there is periodic training in the form of a short course.

The short course (Szkolenie Okresowe)

  • Intended for drivers over 21 years of age who have obtained category C before 09/09/2009, or drivers over 23 years of age who have obtained category D before 09/09/2008.

  • It is available to those who have already completed a long course and now need to periodically update their knowledge.

  • The training lasts only one week and no examinations are required.

The long courseс (Kwalifikacja Wstępna Przyspieszona)

  • Intended for drivers who obtained category C after 09.09.2009 or category D after 09.09.2008.

  • The extensive course is a full training, divided into theoretical and practical parts, and lasts 140 hours (130 hours of theory and 10 hours of practice on the road). There is an option of unaccelerated training of 280 hours, which includes a full training course.

  • At the end of the training, a state exam is taken.

  • After successful completion of the long course, drivers are obliged to take a short course every 5 years.


Current changes related to Code 95

As of 5 April 2022, some significant changes regarding the process of obtaining Code 95 came into force in Poland. Let's take a look at what innovations have been introduced in the system of obtaining a driver qualification certificate.

1. Plastic card instead of a paper certificate. One of the visible changes was the replacement of the usual paper driver qualification certificate with a plastic card. Now, a plastic card is issued upon successful completion of the course process. IMPORTANT: However, for those who already possess a paper version of the certificate, there is no need to worry - this document remains valid until the end of its validity period.

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2. Expansion of the list of training centres and distance learning. With the new changes, the list of training centres where training can take place has expanded. In addition, it is now possible to complete the theoretical part of the course remotely. However, it should be understood that distance learning is not available in all training centres, so it is important to clarify this aspect when choosing an educational institution.

3. Individualized courses and increased practice. With the new changes, courses are no longer tied to a group format. Training is now individualized and there is no need to wait for the whole group to join. In addition, 3.5 hours of extra practice have been added to the short course, enriching the learning experience of the participants.

4. Registering students with the City's Communications Department. Now the registration is carried out at the City Communication Department (Wydział Komunikacji Miejskiej). The list of such departments can be found on the state portal.


How to obtain Code 95 in Poland in 2023?

→ Stage 1. Collection of documents. You will need these documents:

  • One 3x4cm photo.

  • Your driving licence. If you are using a driving licence issued by another country, you need to replace it with a Polish driving licence. We have told you more about replacing your driving licence with a Polish one in our article.

  • Medical certificates and psycho-test (first you get an orzeczenie psychologiczne and then orzeczenie lekarskie.

→ Stage 2. Visit to the Communication Department. After collecting the documents, you will go to the Communication Department, where your application will be accepted and you will have to create an electronic driver profile PKZ (profil kierowcy zawodowego). This is one of the novelties of the Polish transport system, which contains all your data and is regularly updated. This profile can be created on the state website, the creation of an account is free of charge. First you need to register on the website by entering your data. Next, select the type of your application (issuance of a driving licence), then you need to make several agreements that are prescribed here. At the end of everything you need to sign the application with an electronic signature, we told you about it in our article. You can check the status of your case here.

→ Stage 3. Training on the course. In theory, you will learn about tachograph operation, driver's rights and responsibilities, information on fines, first aid, passing customs points and much more. Practical training includes on-site manoeuvres, coupling and uncoupling with a tractor, and city driving.

→ Stage 4. Exam. At the end of a long course, it is time for the exam. Usually, the state commission only tests the driver's theoretical knowledge. The exam is held in the format of a computerised test with 30 questions.

→ Stage 5. Receipt of a plastic card. After successfully passing the exam, your training centre submits your documents to the unified European certificate database. As soon as your card is ready, you can collect it (average card production time is 14 days).


What costs to expect when receiving Code 95?

It should be understood that there are many different training centres, each of which sets its own price, so they can differ significantly. However, it is possible to identify average prices:

  • The short course will cost you around 400 to 600 PLN.

  • The long course will cost you an average of 2,000 to 5,000 PLN.

After the exam, you will face another fee - the production of a plastic card. Here the price is fixed and is currently 150 PLN.


How can we help you?

With the recent changes regarding obtaining a driver qualification certificate, the process has become more complicated and confusing for drivers. Therefore, our migration agency aksis is ready to provide you with qualified assistance in this matter.

We will help you with collecting the necessary documents, making an appointment with the Communications Department and of course with choosing a training centre where you will not be charged "all the money in the world" for training. We take an individual approach to each client and offer a quick solution.

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