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/how to create a digital signature in poland? full guide to epuap online portal in 2023 and the difference between profil zaufany and kwalifikowany elektroniczny

How to create a digital signature in Poland? Full guide to ePUAP online portal in 2023 and the difference between Profil Zaufany and Kwalifikowany Elektroniczny

Digital technology is penetrating all areas of our lives, and public services are no exception. In today's 21st century, many processes, including interaction with public authorities, are carried out online. One important part of this process is the digital signature, which plays a key role in electronic interaction with public services in Poland.

Among the services offered by ePUAP, there is also a trusted profile, which allows the submission of e-mails with legal effect without the need for a qualified signature and is based on a single sign-on mechanism, which allows the use of the same login to the websites of different service providers.


Digital signature: its essence and goals in Poland

Digital signature is a form of signature (do not confuse with signature kwalifikowano-elektroniczny) which provides identity authentication and integrity of electronic documents by means of a sms code. In Poland, digital signatures have a number of important purposes, including:

  • signing various contracts, agreements, declarations;

  • registration at the employment office praca.gov.pl;

  • authorization on the website of the tax office podatki.gov.pl;

  • signing of invoices;

  • dealing with any official matters;

  • online submission of applications to public authorities for the Rodzina 500+ monthly child benefit;

  • applying for other types of financial support for families with children and solving pension issues;

  • business registration and management;

  • applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ);

  • verification of the data on the number of sickness benefits and payments received;

  • logging on to the PUE ZUS e-services platform;

  • checking and editing your own data in the PESEL register and residence registration (meldunek);

  • issuing a power of attorney;

  • checking the data on fines for drivers;

  • registration and deregistration of a vehicle;

  • оbtaining a certificate of criminal records in Poland;

  • applying for restoration of documents in case of their loss.

This is only a small part of the purpose of digital signature registration, because in fact, it may be needed very often. This is especially true for people who intend to do business in Poland.

It is worth noting that there are now two types of Polish digital signature, the simple one (podpis zaufany) and the verified one (podpis kwalifikowany). The thing is that the normal digital signature type does not have a qualified token.

1) Podpis zaufany — proxy signature;

2) Podpis kwalifikowany(aka podis elektroniczny) - qualified signature.

What is a qualified signature?

A qualified signature is an electronic signature that has legal validity, such as the owner's signature. It is certified by a special qualified certificate, this allows the person submitting the signature to be verified. Only the person to whom the signature and certificate are assigned can use it.

You can sign any document with a qualified signature.

Unlike a proxy profile, with a qualified signature you can not only perform official business, but also, for example, enter into distance contracts or participate in electronic auctions on tender platforms.

A validated digital signature is used to sign important papers, documents and conduct business. Whereas a simple digital signature is considered unreliable and is usually used only for exchanging e-mails.


What is the difference between a Podpis kwalifikowany elektroniczny and a trusted profile in the ePUAP system?

In the context of digital signatures in Poland, it is worth noting the distinction between the Personal Qualified Certificate, which is the digital signature itself, and the trusted profile in the ePUAP system. The PKE (podpis kwalifikowany elektroniczny) is a unique electronic signature issued by authorized organizations such as

Such signatures identify the owner and provide a digital signature. A trusted profile in ePUAP is an account linked to a PKE and provides access to various online public services.

So keep in mind that signing online or via a thumb drive are completely different types of signatures. In this case, you have a token by which you sign. It works either through a chip or through a USB stick. All IT companies require such a signature. For example NDAs or contracts that are signed within the company. It is the safest kind of signature with maximum security and identification of the user who signs a document.

It costs from 300 zł per year, depending on the type you choose. You can find all the price information on the website of the producer. From our experience Szafir has proven to be the best in use, as their support is always good and they are also compatible with mac OS. Yes, many of them in 2023 to this day have failed to put on the Apple system.


Official digital signature via ePUAP

In order to obtain an official digital signature in Poland, you have to register directly on the ePUAPonline portal. However, you should be aware that you cannot get a qualified digital signature in this way, it still has to be validated. However, you cannot do without creating an ePUAP account. Registering a regular account in the system is completely free of charge.

Please note that if you have chosen to authorize your electronic signature through the bank we do not recommend this at all because then you are obliged to log on several times while signing the documents. This is a time-consuming and unnecessary activity. For this reason, we recommend that you authorize yourself at the identification points in order to avoid double authorization. → Step 1. Open the website of the state portal and go on to create an account. To do this, open the tab zaloz konto.

→ Step 2. Click on zarejestruj sie to proceed to register your personal account on the website.

→ Step 3. Let's get down to the registration itself. There is nothing complicated about this process, it's similar to registering on social media, so it's easy for you to manage. You will need your contact phone number, an up-to-date email and the other details you will be asked for on the registration form.

→ Step 4. Come up with a strong password, which must have at least 8 characters (at least one capital letter, a lowercase letter and one symbol). At the end of the application form you must put a plus sign in the tax ID field (this way you will create a standard profile).

When it comes to a trusted profile, it's a little more complicated. Let's take a look at the ePUAP trusted profile process:

Once you have successfully completed the registration of a regular profile, you should proceed with the following steps:

  • Click on the tab zloz wniosek o profil and start filling in data (your name, PESEL number, e-mail address and Polish phone number).

  • Confirm your registration with a code which you will receive immediately on your phone by SMS.

  • Confirm your details. This is the most important and difficult step and can be done via video call, РКЕ, authorization through your bank or a personal visit to the office.

IMPORTANT: At the moment, verification through online banking does not work quite correctly, the system does not accept all banks. A list of relevant banks that will be suitable can be viewed on the official website.


Validity of digital signature in Poland

The digital signature in Poland has a certain validity period, which depends on the type of certificate. For example, by registering a regular account on the ePUAP portal, the validity period will be 36 months, with the option to extend the signature later. As for the Qualified Digital Signature, it will be valid for 1 or 2 years (your choice).


Is it possible to operate a business without a digital signature?

In today's business world, digital signatures are becoming increasingly important and integral. In Poland, it plays a significant role in electronic transactions, signing documents and interacting with public authorities. Doing business without a digital signature is impossible, as you will have to file annual tax returns and CIT declarations.


Can children have a Profil zaufany (Trusted Profile)?

A child who has reached the age of 13 can create his own Trusted Profile. In order to set up a Profil zaufany, a minor must:

1. Apply for Profil zaufany on the official website.

2. Within 14 days of submitting the application, confirm your identity at one of the confirmation points mentioned above. It is worth noting that, in order to be able to open a Proxy Profile, the child must have a travel document that can provide proof of identity (preferably a biometric passport). It is important to know that a school card is not an identity document.

Also having a Profil zaufany will allow a teenager to prepare in advance for health problems by using an online patient room and the myIKP app (a free application of the Polish Ministry of Health). This is especially relevant if the child has any chronic illnesses and regularly takes certain medications. There is no need to worry about the child abusing this option. After all, the person has only limited functionality in the online medical office until adulthood. For example, at the age of 16 he or she can check the history of his or her treatment through the office, but does not have full rights - for example, he or she cannot consent to an operation. Only parents or legal guardians, who also have access to the teenager's IKR until the age of 18, have the right to do so.


Why contact aksis is the best solution?

When it comes to obtaining a digital signature and other migration issues in Poland, contacting a professional migration agency such as aksis can be a worthwhile solution. Our team of experienced professionals has in-depth knowledge and skills in digital signatures and migration advice. We guarantee quality services and support at every stage of the process. When you contact aksis, you can be assured that your digital signature will be handled professionally and efficiently.


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