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/will ukrainian refugees be banned from traveling to other countries in 2024?

Will Ukrainian refugees be banned from traveling to other countries in 2024?

Since February 24, 2022, a large number of Ukrainians have moved to European countries to find a safe place of residence. Poland has become the largest hub for receiving Ukrainian citizens. According to official statistics, about 5 million Ukrainians have chosen Poland as a new place of residence.

In the last two months, the topics of new bills in Ukraine have been actively discussed online. Many Ukrainian citizens who are in Poland do not understand what innovations await them and how it may affect them. In this article we will try to explain in more detail what to expect for Ukrainians abroad in 2024.


What does the new law mean?

At the end of April 2024, politicians did pass and sign a new law, which implies many changes for Ukrainian citizens inside the country, as well as abroad. What applies to those men who are abroad? Persons liable for military duty who do not update their data on military registration within 60 days after the entry into force of the law will lose the right to:

  • Get a passport abroad.

  • Change a passport abroad.

  • Use other consular services.

Those whose passports will expire very soon will be deprived of the opportunity to return to Ukraine for 10 years. This was announced by Ukrainian parliamentarian Dmytro Razumkov.


Will refugees be banned from traveling to other EU countries?

There is also active discussion in forums and various groups that Ukrainian refugees will soon be unable to travel abroad. Either the Baltic States will prepare a relevant law, or foreigners will simply run out of passports to cross the border. So far, this topic is not clear, as there is no confirmation, but such a topic is being discussed on the Internet.


What are the recommendations?

As there is no documentary evidence that Ukrainians will be banned from crossing the border with other EU countries, many people do not understand what to do in such a situation. No one knows yet whether this will happen in the future, and if it does, when exactly. Therefore, you may want to consider the situation of moving to another European country right now.

An attractive option for many people is Spain. Why this particular country? Compared to other EU countries, Spain is characterized by fairly affordable prices for housing, food, utilities and other things that are necessary for a comfortable life. Spain has an ideal climate - about 300 sunny and warm days a year, access to the sea and the ocean.

Programs for obtaining a residence permit in Spain are quite a lot. There are options to move with the help of language courses, investments in real estate or government shares and there is a special program for digital nomads. This visa is designed for itishniks, startups and freelancers who work online and can support themselves and their family in Spain. You can learn more about one of the most popular ways to get a residence permit in Spain by reading our article.


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