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/how to obtain a spanish digital nomad visa in 2023?

How to obtain a Spanish digital nomad visa in 2023?

Nowadays, online professions have become common, it is difficult to walk into a café and not see a man with a cup of latte sitting in front of his laptop. This is probably everyone's dream - to work for pleasure, not to go to the office every day, thereby having a lot of free time, geo-independence, and a nice income. These people are usually called freelancers or digital nomads.


What is a digital nomad visa?

The digital nomad visa is a special visa for freelancers, IT professionals, start-uppers, web designers, projectors, and copywriters who must be citizens of a country outside the European Union. Digital nomads can get a visa for up to 5 years in total while living, working, and enjoying sunny Spain. It is important to understand that the digital nomad visa is a special program for obtaining a residence permit in Spain. In 2023, Spain set out to attract digital workers to its territory, indicating that the country clearly lacks skilled workers. Therefore, the chances of getting a Spanish visa for a digital nomad in 2023 are pretty high.


What documents are required to apply for a nomad visa in Spain?

To apply for a digital nomadic residence permit in Spain, it is necessary to prepare a list of important documents:

1. Passport with proof of entry into Spanish territory;

2. Receipt of payment of the fee (form 790 038);

3. Application form signed by the employee (MIT form);

4. Employment contract or account statement on payment of wages;

5. Extract from the Registry, which confirms the company's working activities;

6. Certificate of employment allowing the candidate to work remotely from Spain;

7. Diploma confirming the candidate's qualifications.

8. Certificate from Social Security (can be obtained from the Pension Fund - "Certificate of Applicable Legislation");

9. Valid health insurance with full coverage, as well as a certificate of no criminal record;

10. Proof of income (must be at least 25000 Euros per person).

All of the above documents are valid for three months from the date of issue and must be valid at the time of application for a residence permit.


What are the benefits of obtaining a digital nomad visa in Spain?

The benefits of applying for a digital nomad residence permit are weighty and obvious.

First of all, it is legal residence in a European Union country. A nice bonus to this would be the ability to take your entire family from another country with you. The next advantage is freedom of movement and independence from a specific place of residence. With a digital nomad visa, you can be legally employed in Spain, but only as a non-EU citizen. There is also the nuance that your earned income in the company must not exceed 20% of the company's total income.

The benefits of the digital nomad visa are not only for freelancers and start-uppers but also for the state. The existence of this visa significantly strengthens the Spanish economy. The following factors are responsible for this:

Flow of new, talented workers. The Spanish authorities attract many talented workers from different digital areas, who in turn help local companies earn more money.

Tourism growth. As a rule, digital nomads not only work all day but also relax. Thereby spending money on tourism within the country.

Attracting foreign investment. Digital nomads can not only work for someone but are free to start companies and invest.


Have digital nomads paid taxes in Spain?

For many people, taxation plays a key role, which is why they choose the digital nomad visa. With this visa, taxes are calculated for non-residents of Spain, according to the income tax regime. If you remain a non-Spanish citizen, you may be required to pay double tax (one for Spain and one for your country of residence).

For example, the normal rate can reach up to 48%, while the tax rate for digital nomads is set at 24%. This tax is available to those who have not resided in Spain for the last five years. If your income is up to 600,000 euros, you are exempt from additional wealth tax and from filing a tax return.

The digital nomad visa in 2023 is the ideal solution for those who work remotely and dream of moving to Spain. Freedom of movement, legal employment, and a low tax rate are just some of the benefits that await you. However, in order to avoid rejection, you need to fill in your application and collect a complete set of documents correctly. The experienced staff of the aksis agency will help you obtain a digital nomad visa in the shortest possible time. Would you like to move to Spain? Write to aksis - we'll make your dream come true!


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