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/what to know about nip number in 2023? obtaining process, documents, deadlines and possible nuances

What to know about NIP number in 2023? Obtaining process, documents, deadlines and possible nuances

If you have decided to move to Poland for a long-term stay and work officially, you will almost immediately come across the term NIP number. What it is, why you need a NIP number, where to get one and much more, read this article. Here we go!


NIP number decoding

NIP (Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej) is a key taxpayer identification number in Poland, which plays an important role in the financial life of every person living and working in the territory of the Republic of Poland. In fact, it is almost similar to the TIN used in CIS countries.

The NIP number consists of ten digits and looks like this:

  • PL 000 000000 0

The first three digits are the code of the tax service that issued the number.

The next six digits are a random set of digits.

The last digit is a control digit, which is used to check the correctness of the whole number.

When is NIP necessary?

The main purpose of obtaining a NIP number is to ensure the payment of taxes in Poland. It is a key element for legal and official employment in the country. Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur or a student with a part-time job, NIP is mandatory for those who want to be part of the economy. In addition, the NIP number is required to obtain various documents in Poland, such as a residence card.


NIP or PESEL? What is the difference?

At first glance, it may appear that the NIP and PESEL numbers are completely the same, but this is actually not the case.

PESEL number (Powszechny Elektroniczny System Ewidencji Ludności) is a unique identification number assigned to Polish citizens, citizens of EU countries, as well as foreign citizens with a residence permit in Poland. PESEL has a wider functionality in various social issues.

Who needs NIP?

  • You are not a citizen of Poland

  • You are not a citizen of EU countries

  • You do not have a residence permit in Poland

  • You cannot obtain a PESEL number for certain reasons

  • You are a natural person and conduct business activity "działalność gospodarczą".

  • You are a legal entity (fundacji, stowarzyszeń, spółek z o.o., spółek akcyjnych)

  • You are a member of unincorporated organizational units (spółek jawnych, partnerskich, komandytowych, komandytowo-akcyjnych).


Required documents for obtaining a NIP number for a foreigner

To apply for a NIP number, you need to have the following documents:

1. Identity Confirmation. The first and one of the most important documents you will need is a document proving your identity. Usually arriving foreigners use their passport or the visa by which they entered Poland.

2. Employment agreement. A valid employment contract is an important prerequisite for the issuance of a NIP number (example of an employment agreement form). We do not recommend delaying the issuance of a NIP number. After all, in 2-4 weeks after the start of employment, your employer is obliged to pay taxes, and without a tax number it is impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to get it either before hiring or immediately after employment. It is important to note that some unscrupulous employers may cheat you and the government by not filing your documents and therefore not paying tax for you.

3. Payment of the state fee. Since the issuance of such a certificate is a paid procedure, obtaining a NIP number includes payment of a state fee. The cost of this fee is 21 PLN. After paying the fee, you will have a receipt for the payment, which must be kept in a safe place.

4. Contact details and bank account. In addition to the basic documents, prepare your contact details and bank account number. These details will be required to fill in the form when applying for a NIP number.


Where is the NIP number issued in 2023?

Today, the NIP tax number in Poland is only issued in Urząd Skarbowy. To find a branch of Urząd Skarbowy that belongs to your area, you can use this website. There you will find information about all tax offices in different regions of Poland.

We recommend that you first call the phone number of the selected Urząd and check whether it is possible to apply for a tax number from them.


Full guide to obtaining a NIP number in Poland

→ Step 1. Collect the above documents, including passport/visa/residence card, employment agreement (umowa o pracę) and paid receipt.

→ Step 2. Let's go to Urząd. After you have found the Urząd you want, go to it. When you arrive, take a ticket at the terminal. However, remember that there are many speculators in Poland, who take tickets for the queue in order to sell them.

→ Step 3. Filling in the NIP-7 form. Urząd will provide you with a NIP-7 form that you must fill out yourself. Although the form can be filled out electronically, you will still need to submit it to Urząd in person. Fill in the form as instructed, including your full name, date and place of birth, marital status, purpose of obtaining the number, and other details. USEFUL TIP: Read the form at home beforehand so that you can fill it in quickly and accurately on the spot.

→ Step 4. Waiting. After handing over the NIP-7 form, documents and stamp duty receipt to the Urząd employee, you just have to wait. When you submit your documents, you will be asked how you would like to receive the finished NIP number. It is best to choose the "pick up myself" option - this way, you will get the number done faster. You should wait for about 14-30 days. You will receive a notification on your phone or email when the number is ready. You can check the status of your NIP number on the official government website.


Registration of NIP for businessmen

There is a second way for business people to get a NIP number. If you operate a business, your business must have a NIP as part of your application to the CEIDG. By being on the Central Entrepreneurial Information and Register (CEIDG), your details are sent to the relevant data contained in the application form to the tax office specified by the entrepreneur.

If an individual starts a business but does not fall under the CEIDG entry. In this case, the execution of the NIP involves a so-called identification declaration, which simply means applying for a tax identification number. This must be done on the NIP-7 form.

Another option is when filing NIP-2 in urzędzie skarbowym, corresponding to income tax in accordance with the Ustawy z dnia 13 października 1995 r. o zasadach ewidencji i identyfikacji podatników i płatników:

The identification declaration is filed once, regardless of the type and number of taxes paid by the taxpayer, the form of taxation, the number and types of business activities, and the number of businesses.


European NIP (NIP-EU)

Let's assume that you are doing business only in Poland, but you have a great desire to scale up and enter the market of other European Union countries. What should you do in such a situation?

You need to apply for a NIP-EU number. To obtain it, you must apply to the tax office for a NIP-EU number. This number differs from the national NIP only in that it has the letters «PL» at the beginning. Thus, it is still a ten-digit number and takes the following form: PLXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


How can we help you?

Migration agency aksis is ready to become your reliable partner in various matters of life in Poland, including the issuance of a NIP number. What we provide:

  • Document preparation

  • Choosing the right Urząd Skarbowy

  • Filling in the form correctly

One of the most important things is to fill out the NIP-7 form correctly. Filling out the form incorrectly is one of the most common reasons for rejection. Our experts will guide you through every step of the process to ensure that all the details are correct and clear.

Get your NIP number as soon as possible with aksis!


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