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/is the activity of webcam models legal in poland and is it necessary to pay taxes?

Is the activity of webcam models legal in Poland and is it necessary to pay taxes?

In the last few years, webcam modeling has grown in popularity in Poland. Moreover, today there is even such a profession, which can be practiced independently or work in private agencies.

Such a sudden growth of this sphere of activity has caused a lot of questions and discussions on the Internet. The most popular topics on forums are whether webcam is a violation of the law and whether it is necessary to pay taxes for such activities in Poland?


What does the activity of webcam modeling involve?

Let's start with what webcam means in general. Overall, this is the activity of models on the Internet who provide erotic shows online. So, what does pass under the term «webcam activity»?

  • Online shows on various adult streaming platforms.

  • Selling content or access to content on OnlyFans or other similar platforms.

Generally speaking, webcam models may use different methods and channels to conduct their business, but the main goal is to provide erotic content to users.


Is webcam activity legal in Poland?

A small spoiler for you - yes, webcam activity is legal in Poland. And now we propose to go to the legal regulations and laws that guarantee legality for models.

  • Article 8, paragraph 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights states that everyone has the right to respect for his or her private life (private life also includes sexual life).

  • It is clearly stated in Article 202 of the Polish Criminal Code that it is forbidden to create and distribute pornographic materials involving persons under 16 years of age on the territory of Poland.

According to these points above, we can conclude that webcam modeling is a completely legal activity in Poland if the author is more than 16 years old.


Do webcam models have to pay taxes?

As we have already mentioned, some models do not work for themselves, but for a private agency. In fact, there are quite a lot of such agencies in Poland, but not all of them advertise their activities. However, such agencies work officially, and when employed, the model concludes an employment contract, receives a salary and of course pays taxes to the state. We told about what taxes are paid in Poland in our article earlier.

On the other hand, what should you do if you are a webcam model and want to work for yourself? In most cases, this type of activity in Poland falls under PKD 59.12.Z or 63.12.Z, so you need to register your own company. As a rule, models choose to open a JDG (sole proprietorship), as it is the easiest way to run a legal business in Poland. Another option is to conduct business activities without registration if your income does not exceed 75% of the minimum wage in the country (about 2700 PLN per month). If you are self-employed, earn income from modeling and don't pay taxes, you may be in serious trouble with the law. Therefore, we recommend you to opt for JDG registration. Migration agents aksis are ready to help you in the shortest possible time with legal JDG registration for webcam activities in Poland.


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