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/what is the difference between a «gross» and «net» salary in poland? how to calculate the net salary by yourself?

What is the difference between a «gross» and «net» salary in Poland? How to calculate the net salary by yourself?

Many foreigners who are just moving to Poland look at available vacancies on employment websites. It happens that everything suits them: conditions, place, schedule and salary, but after you receive the first money in hand, you may get upset. Have you been cheated by your employer? Of course not, it's just that there are pre-tax and post-tax wages.

If you want to know how to calculate your net monthly salary in Poland, stay with us. We have prepared useful information for you about the differences between «gross» and «net», as well as the main taxes where part of your salary goes.


Difference between «gross» and «net» salary

There are two concepts in Poland, as in many other countries, concerning monthly salary –gross and net. These are words you may have often seen on product packages, which are written next to the weight of the product. So what is it really case?

  • Gross Salary. This is the amount earned by an employee in Poland in a month without deduction of taxes.

  • Net Salary. This is the amount the employee will receive in hand. This is the net profit, where all taxes and other deductions have already been taken into account.

Obviously, you should always focus on the net salary to avoid thinking you've been scammed by your employer.


How to calculate the clear monthly salary in Poland?

It is not uncommon to see gross salaries on job sites or other platforms. Even a novice understands that this is done for one purpose – to make a potential employee visually see a large sum. How then to calculate the real amount that you can really get on hand?

For such purposes there is a salary calculator in Poland, with the help of which you can easily and quickly see the real amount that you will receive for a month of work. In this calculator you need to enter your monthly income, choose gross or net and of course specify what type of employment contract you are working under. We remind you that in Poland you can be employed under several employment contracts, namely: Umowa o pracę, Umowa zlecenie, Umowa o dzieło, Umowa zlecenie z podmiotem gospodarczym and Umowa o praktyki studenckie i absolwenckie.


What is deducted from the gross salary?

As we said, gross salary is an amount that has not yet been taxed. So what exactly is included in that taxation-how much of your paycheck does the government take from your paycheck? In 2024, the employee contributes these fees:

  • Pension fund –9.76%.

  • Health insurance –7.77%.

  • Income tax –6.63%.

  • Extended health insurance –2.45% (not mandatory to pay).

  • Possible loss of capacity (disability tax) –1.5%.

Generally speaking, about 15% of an employee's gross salary is taken away, but each case is different. Therefore, we recommend using the net salary calculator to quickly understand how much money you will receive in hand.


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