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/how to get a «red paper» in poland? nuances and features of obtaining świadectwo sk1 for truckers

How to get a «red paper» in Poland? Nuances and features of obtaining Świadectwo SK1 for truckers

The topic of cargo transport has been gaining more and more popularity for the last ten years. The international haulage is especially popular, as it is in such hauls that the driver has the opportunity to get much more money for his work. However, you can't just go on an international trip, you need to get the appropriate permit.

We will tell you more in this article about what kind of permit a driver must have on hand and what is needed to obtain it.


Briefly describing what a «red paper» is

What is a «red paper» or Świadectwo SK1? This is a document that allows a non-resident of Poland to transport goods for Polish transport companies outside Poland. IMPORTANT: if the transport company for which you work as a driver is only engaged in transport within the country, you can forget about Świadectwo SK1, you do not need this document. But if you are transporting goods outside of Poland within the European Union or even outside the European Union, you must obtain the relevant permit and have the original document in your hands during the whole journey. All provisions about Świadectwo SK1 are regulated in this law.

Here is a sample of the original Świadectwo SK1:

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Who is responsible for obtaining the «red paper»?

Świadectwo kierowcy is prepared directly by the employer, and the price for the employer is only 10 PLN for one year. Here are the prices for a longer term of the document:

  • 15 PLN - for two years;

  • 20 PLN - for three years;

  • 30 PLN - for four years;

  • 40 PLN - for five years.

This document is issued in Warsaw by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD). Payment for the red paper for truckers is made only to the bank account of the above-mentioned inspectorate. Details on how to make the payment correctly can be found on their official website.

The time of production of this document is approximately 2-3 weeks, the process is quite long. Therefore, you should understand that if you have passed the Code 95 course, you will be able to go to work only after you receive the permit.


What could be the consequences of not having Świadectwo SK1?

As we have already written above, if you are going on a trip outside Poland, you should definitely take the original Świadectwo SK1 with you. Why? Any photocopies are not suitable, as the traffic control services abroad make thorough checks and can even check the required permit for international transport for authenticity.

As for the consequences due to the absence of Świadectwo SK1, they are all disappointing. If a driver is caught not having this permit, the employer (i.e. the transport company) faces a large fine of as much as PLN 5,000.


How can an employer obtain Świadectwo SK1 for their driver?

As we have already written above, it is the employer, and not the driver of the company, who is responsible for issuing the permit for transport outside Poland. For this purpose, the employer must:

Collect the driver's documents. The employer will need documents such as:

  • Foreign driver's passport;

  • Driver's driving licence;

  • Document confirming the driver's social insurance in ZUS;

  • Document confirming the driver's legal employment with the company;

  • Receipt of payment for the service.

Fill in the form. You can download the blank form by clicking on this link. You need to print out the form and fill in all the required data.

Pay for Świadectwo SK1. Payment is made to the account of the General Inspectorate of Road Transport. After payment, save and print the receipt.

Submit documents. If the company is located in Warsaw, you can submit all the documents in person at the inspectorate office, but if you are far away, you can do everything online. To do this, you need to go here, log in, enter the necessary information and attach copies of the documents.


Nuances related to Świadectwo SK1

We would like to pay your attention that this document is an accountable document. What this means? If after some time you decide to leave the transport company, this document does not belong to you personally, and the employer has to hand this document back to the inspectorate in Warsaw. Therefore, when you quit your job, you hand this document over to your employer. And when you are employed in a new company, you cannot simply return the permit for international transport, the new employer must again apply for and receive the document for you.

When it comes time to change your old passport and your Świadectwo SK1 has not yet expired, you must first replace your passport. After that, you should promptly give your employer the data from your new passport, as you will have to replace the «red paper» for transport as well.

If you do not have enough time to deal with such processes, you can issue a power of attorney to specialists who will take care of the issue. The aksis migration agency is always ready to assist you in obtaining a permit for transport outside Poland for a driver.


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