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/cancellation of poland.business harbour visa program. how can it specialists move to poland in 2024?

Cancellation of Poland.Business Harbour visa program. How can IT specialists move to Poland in 2024?

Thousands of people come to Poland every year who are ready to work for the benefit of this country. Professionals from various countries come to Poland and work in the most diverse jobs: engineers, packers, welders, marketers, doctors and even IT specialists. For the latter, a special Poland.Business Harbour program was even developed, through which they could move to Poland under a simplified procedure.

In our article we told you more about Poland.Business Harbour program for foreigners and how to use it. Recently it was reported that this program has been abolished by Polish law. In this article we will find out whether it is true and what programmers who want to get to Poland should do now. Enjoy reading this article!


Law on the cancellation of the Poland.Business Harbour program

The Poland.Business Harbour program was launched in 2020 and gave foreign IT specialists the opportunity to move and work in Poland. It was available to residents of such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Russia and Georgia. The purpose of this program was to attract high quality specialists to the country who would benefit the society and the national economy. From 2020 until the end of 2023, more than 90 thousand foreigners have benefited from the Poland.Business Harbour program.

Unfortunately for foreigners, on January 24, 2024 the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the cancellation of this program. Why so? Representatives said that the Poland.Business Harbour program failed to do what the government expected from it. The country's authorities were counting on a larger number of highly qualified specialists in the IT sphere. They also noted that there were suspected cases when foreigners used the visa for other purposes, bypassing the system.


Will the Poland.Business Harbour program be continued?

The answer to this question is not yet known to anyone. An important point is that the program was suspended, not completely canceled. The Ministry noted that Poland.Business Harbour is suspended until a decision is made. There are such rumors in the society that Poland plans to revise the conditions of the program, to optimize it and return it for foreigners. But at the moment these are just rumors and no official statements have been made.


How to move to Poland for foreigners from the IT sector in 2024?

Now foreigners working in the IT field or remotely cannot come to Poland under the simplified program. But they can still do it easily with a work visa under general conditions. A work visa can be obtained by submitting all the necessary documents:

  • A completed application form in Polish.

  • A letter from your employer stating that you have been hired (Oświadczenie or Zezwolenie).

  • Photo cards (4 pcs).

  • Health insurance.

  • Passport and its copies.

  • Receipt of payment of the fee.

  • Bank statement confirming that you have funds to live in the country.

You may also need additional documents in specific cases. To find out the full list of documents in your case, it is recommended to contact professionals. Our migration agency aksis will help all specialists from IT and other fields to move to Poland with the right to employment. Contact us for free consultation and comprehensive support.


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