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/a residence card through a sole proprietorship in poland. how to legalize in poland with the help of a private company in 2024?

A residence card through a sole proprietorship in Poland. How to legalize in Poland with the help of a private company in 2024?

The topic of business will always be relevant in any country. Poland is no exception, hundreds of thousands of new businesses open here every year, among which there are foreign owners. However, the question arises what to do with legal stay in the country and how to formalize it.

If you are not a citizen of Poland, have opened your own sole proprietorship or are just about to do so, this article will be most useful for you. Why? Today we will tell you how to get a residence permit, having opened a sole proprietorship in the country. Enjoy reading this article!



For many people it is no secret that the possibility of obtaining a visit card with the help of one's business has been around for a long time, however, this applies to those who own LLC (Sp. Z o. o). Many foreigners have been waiting to legalize in Poland with the help of a sole proprietorship. This is not surprising, because a sole proprietorship is much easier to open, easier to keep records and taxation (especially if you have a small turnover). We told you more about the peculiarities of running a sole proprietorship in Poland in our article.

Finally it has happened - now you can get a residence permit with the help of your sole proprietorship. Let's find out what you need for this!


Two sets of documents

You need to divide the whole process and criteria for obtaining a residence permit in Poland by business into two parties - you (individual) and your business (sole proprietorship).

The first set of documents is collected for a person as an individual. As far as these documents are concerned, they are almost identical to those required for obtaining a residence card in general.

  • Address for correspondence.

  • Minimum income in Poland. At the moment, the minimum wage in Poland is 4242 zlotys (gross). This is a very important point, as you must have a confirmed source of income in the amount of this amount.

  • Health insurance (you can use both for ZUS and any other commercial insurance).

  • Four photographs.

  • Correctly filled out application for a business-based residence card, which can be found on the official website.

  • Passport.

What should be in the second set of documents? The situation is different for business-related documents:

  • Certificate of absence of debts to ZUS.

  • Certificate of absence of debts to the tax service.

  • Statement from the bank servicing your company.

  • Fulfilled two criteria: to employ at least two Poles and to show the net profit of your sole proprietorship, which should be not less than 12 average salaries (on average it is 70 thousand PLN).


Business plan

Also, an important point - you need to show that you and your sole proprietorship carry a certain value for the state and the people. How do you do that? The answer is a business plan.

You need to write a complete business plan for your business, where you describe your strategy and vision for doing business in Poland. Also in the business plan you need to describe how you are going to employ Poles and how you are going to achieve such a net profit.


What else can be provided?

Inspectors will be interested to see all kinds of papers about your business. You can show contracts with your clients, partners and contractors (it is good if they include popular Polish companies). You should also provide any KRS statements that you have.

Also look for invoices attached to the case. Taxes paid should also be submitted to the inspector to show that you have already paid them and that you are useful to the country.


Where to get help in obtaining a residence card through a sole proprietorship?

Why not combine the pleasant with the useful? If you already have a sole proprietorship that brings you real income and works for the benefit of society, you can easily become a holder of a residence card and legalize in the country. The aksis migration agency will help you in all related matters: opening a company, choosing taxation, collecting documents, filling out an application and much more.


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