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/how to obtain a spanish residence permit?

How to obtain a Spanish residence permit?

For many years, CIS residents have come to love hot and sunny Spain, not only as a type of holiday destination but also as a place to immigrate and live. This country lures everyone with its fast-growing economy, ideal geographical location and climate, indescribable landscapes, nature, and of course the signature, relaxed lifestyle of Spanish towns. But here, as in other European countries have laws that do not allow the first stranger to stay in the country. This is why obtaining a Spanish residence permit is a dream come true for thousands of people.


The advantages of a residence permit in Spain

Let's start by explaining what a residence permit is. This is a permit with which a foreigner can stay in the country for more than 90 days. But a residence permit is more than just a temporary stay in a foreign country; more importantly, it is one of the major steps towards obtaining citizenship.

In addition, by obtaining a Spanish residence permit in 2023, you will have the following benefits and opportunities:

  • The opportunity to be legally employed;

  • Travel freely in the Schengen countries without having to apply for any additional visas;

  • The possibility of obtaining basic, secondary, and higher education in Spain;

  • Opening health insurance and receiving free medical care;

  • The possibility of legally opening a business in Spain;

  • The prospect of obtaining permanent residency and, subsequently, Spanish citizenship.


What are the obligations of obtaining a Spanish residence permit?

Do not forget that obtaining any document not only confers certain privileges but also obliges you to do something. The Spanish residence permit is no exception to this, so a foreigner who has already obtained the status of resident in Spain is obliged to do the following:

  • Stay outside of Spain for no more than six months (otherwise the foreigner may be deprived of residency status);

  • Pay the appropriate taxes on all income;

  • Comply with all the rules and laws of Spain;

  • Confirm the availability of sufficient funds for personal maintenance;

  • Notify the Spanish authorities promptly of changes in social and family status, as well as changes in residence.


What are the ways of obtaining a Spanish residence permit in 2023?

Today, there are 7 legal ways for a foreigner to obtain a residence permit in Spain. Below you will find out how to obtain a Spanish residence permit and what are the features of receiving the cherished document:

1. Marriage with a Spanish citizen

According to Spanish law, marriage with a citizen is a valid reason for obtaining a residence permit and a permanent residence permit, and it also speeds up the procedure as much as possible.

After confirming your new social status with a Spanish citizen, you can receive residence status and apply for citizenship after just one year.

2. Residence permit for family reunification

If you are a minor child or disabled husband or wife of a Spanish resident, or citizen, you may obtain a Spanish residence permit, in accordance with Act 17 No. 4/2000, and subsequently a permanent residence permit.

3. Education

One of the most popular ways of gaining a residence permit is in Spain. To receive a student residence permit, you need to sign an education contract with a paying institution.

Of the nuances: this type of residence permit must be renewed every year, which is not very convenient. But despite this minor disadvantage, this method is an excellent prospect for obtaining permanent residence in Spain.

4. Refugee status

To obtain a residence permit in Spain under refugee status, it is necessary to prove this status by submitting the relevant documents, being law-abiding, and being aware of the procedures and features of refugee life in Spain.

5. Employment-based residence permit

If the main purpose of your stay in Spain is to work, then you can receive a residence permit for employment (Autorización de residencia y trabajo). However, in order to obtain this document, the employer will have to submit the request personally.

6. Investing in Spain

The Spanish law values investment in the country's economy, especially from foreign residents, so it provides a residence permit for those who invest a lot of money in the country.

One way is to put €1 million on deposit in a bank or buy national bonds worth €2 million or more.

7. Purchasing a property

This method of getting a Spanish residence permit is attractive from all sides, as real estate in Spain is a good investment tool, there is an opportunity to buy a home with a mortgage at a good interest rate. Also, do not worry about your investment, for according to statistics, Spanish real estate in a year grows by an average of 4-5%. The only disadvantage of this method is the price; by law, the property must cost from half a million euros to become a resident.


Duration of the Spanish residence permit

In general, a residence permit in Spain is a document for those who plan to stay in the country for a long time.

Depending on the type of residence permit and the method of obtaining it, this permit is issued for a period of 1 to 5 years, but one must adhere to all the rules, and laws, pay taxes, etc. And for those foreigners who plan to stay in Spain forever, it will eventually be possible to obtain a Permanent Residence Permit, which is issued for a period of 5 to 10 years.

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