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/white passport of ukraine for return to the homeland. terms, conditions and process of issuing the document abroad

White passport of Ukraine for return to the homeland. Terms, conditions and process of issuing the document abroad

In 2022, the most mass migration of Ukrainians out of their country due to military actions began. The most popular destinations for refugees were Poland, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and other European countries. However, already after a year, many refugees decided to return to their homeland.

How can you return to Ukraine from Europe, if your passport is expired, lost or was never issued to you at all? It goes without saying that you can simply issue a passport and go home, but this can take more than one month. In this article we will tell you about the white passport and how it can help you get back to Ukraine.


What is a white passport?

White passport is a special document that certifies the identity and its belonging to a particular country. In our case, a white passport indicates that a person is indeed a citizen of Ukraine.

Such a document is a small white book, in which the photo of the person is pasted and the basic information about the owner is written. Therefore, visually the document resembles a white passport.


When might a white passport be needed?

Firstly, white passport is used in cases when your passport was lost and you need to get to the territory of Ukraine in a short period of time. When crossing the border, it will be necessary to confirm your identity, so in this case a white passport is used.


List of documents to apply for a white Ukrainian passport

Prepare a small list of documents in order to quickly issue a white Ukrainian passport and return to your home country:

  • Internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine. This document is required to confirm the applicant's identity.

  • Two 35x45 mm color photos, which must be taken in accordance with visa regulations.

  • Original birth certificate of a child (for issuing a white passport to a child).

If you are applying for a white passport for both you and your child, you do not need to bring him to the consulate. It is enough to take his/her birth certificate.


Process of issuing a white passport of Ukraine

The process of obtaining a homecoming certificate is maximally simplified and involves the free issuance of the document directly at Ukrainian consular offices abroad. Applicants need to submit the necessary documents in person, after which the white passport is issued as soon as possible. Where to find addresses of Ukrainian consulates and embassies? The internet has all the detailed information with addresses of Ukrainian consulates and embassies in different European countries. For example, the Ukrainian state website has all the detailed information about embassies in Poland.

This document acts solely as a permit to enter Ukraine and is issued exclusively in the country of the applicant's current stay. It is possible to issue a white passport of Ukraine in one working day, and the validity of this document is quite short – only 10-12 days from the date of receipt.


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