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/what is required to obtain a working residence card in poland?

What is required to obtain a working residence card in Poland?

The working residence card is an official document certifying a foreigner's identity during the period of stay in Poland, issued on the basis of employment in the country. Also, the document confirms that there are no unemployed Poles on the waiting list for a job position.

Thousands of new people come to Poland every year for work purposes, especially since this destination is popular among CIS citizens, where unemployment and low wages are rampant. Poland is attractive for work as it is close geographically and has a very similar mentality to the CIS countries. Poland is an economically stable country, which is rapidly developing and has good working conditions, and decent wages. And the Poles themselves prefer Germany, Norway, and Austria to earn money, thus there are many open positions for foreigners in Poland. That is why many people want to work in Poland and get a working residence card to legally stay and work in Poland.


What are the advantages of a residence permit based on employment in Poland?

Some people think that opening visas are the best solution, but there are nuances too. One of the main ones is that visas are issued for a short period and to renew visas you have to go back to your homeland. If you are working, this is extremely difficult and inconvenient. The best solution is to apply for a residence card on the basis of employment.

There are many advantages to obtaining a temporary residence permit on the basis of employment:

- Period of validity of the document. The working residence card is issued for up to three years, meaning that you should not have to return home constantly to renew the document;

- Legal employment. You may sleep well, as with the working residence card you are legally employed and you are legally staying in Poland;

- Free travel within the European Union countries;

- It is possible to take a loan from a bank at favorable rates.


How to obtain a residence card on the basis of employment?

The procedure for obtaining a residence card on the basis of employment is not the hardest, but there are certain difficulties and nuances. In general, the procedure can be divided into four steps:

First step. Filling in the form (Wniosek) is the first stage, which involves filling in an application form that contains the candidate's personal data. It is important to pay attention to the fact that such a form should only be competently completed in Polish;

Second step. Collecting documents and submitting an application is the most important step on the way to obtaining a residence permit on the basis of employment. It is important not to omit any documents and to collect everything according to the Voivodeship's list. Next, the set of documents, a properly completed application form + a letter from the employer stating that you have been employed should be submitted to the local Voivodeship branch. This should only be done in person.

Third step. If all documents and the application form (Wniosek) are submitted correctly, there should be no questions for you. At this stage, you receive a "decyzja" (a document that is issued before a plastic card and indicates that you are legally in the country).

Fourth step. The final stage is the easiest, all that remains is to pay for the plastic card and wait for it to be produced. Once it is ready, you can collect it and officially receive a temporary residence permit on the basis of employment.


What are the nuances and reasons for the refusal of a working residence card?

One of the main nuances is a change of employer. You can't simply change your job, as the residence card is directly linked to a specific employer. In case you are fired, your residence permit will be annulled and you will have to leave the Polish state.

The reason for the refusal is basically the same for all - the package of documents is not collected completely or the application form is filled out incorrectly. You can avoid this by requesting detailed individual advice from one of «aksis's» immigration experts. The professional team of «aksis» will help you get a residence permit for work as quickly as possible, and in the case of refusal, «aksis» will find errors and help you competently prepare an appeal to resolve your problem.

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