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/what is required to obtain a family reunification card in 2023?

What is required to obtain a family reunification card in 2023?

Family reunification is one of the most common reasons for foreigners to move to Poland and apply for a residence card in a short period of time. Looking ahead, we can point out that the main requirement for obtaining a residence permit for family reunification is the presence of relatives living in Poland.

Not surprisingly, Poland is the country where thousands of foreigners from different parts of Europe, especially from the CIS countries, try to move every year. High demand for workforce, decent wages, low product prices, developed medicine and science, amazing nature, and pleasant climate. As you might have guessed - all this is about Poland. As a rule, people who have already settled in Poland and received a residence permit, promptly try to move their family, and do it more than real!


What are the benefits after «reunification» with the family in Poland?

The reasons for obtaining a residence permit under the family reunification program in 2023 are far from the only ones, so the benefits will differ somewhat. But generally, the benefits are as follows:

- Legal presence in Poland;

- Unobstructed crossing of the Polish border, as well as travel within the Schengen countries (maximum 90 days in six months);

- The right to education and employment;

- The ability to buy real estate, transport and even set up your own business;

- Accessible medical care.


Who can get a family reunification card?

Only family members may apply for a family reunification card, namely:

1. A husband and wife who are married. Rarer cases are spouses who are in a civil partnership;

2. Children, including siblings, stepchildren, and even children from previous marriages;

3. Parents as well as guardians of minor refugees from other countries. If you want to move parents who are not working (retired), it won't be easy. You have to prove to the Polish authorities that your parents are unable to live on their own in another country for various reasons (disability, illness, or an extremely difficult financial situation). If your closest relatives (grandparents, siblings) have the same circumstances - they can also be taken to Poland.

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It is worth noting a little nuance - all family members applying for a residence permit must not be citizens of the European Union.


What are the requirements for the applicant (person who invites the family)?

The most important requirements are legal presence in the country for the time being and official employment/education. To obtain a residence permit for family members, the applicant must have one of these documents: a permanent residence card, a temporary residence card (Temporary Residence Permit), or an EU Blue Card.

Only adults who are of legal age and are within the territory of Poland may apply for a family reunification card.

The applicant and their family members applying for a residence card must collect the complete set of documents, complete the application form (wniosek) translated into Polish, pay the receipt, and go to the Voivode or send all the documents by post.


What are the reasons for the refusal of a residence permit for family reunification?

Practice and statistics show that there are not many reasons for refusal:

- the application form is filled incorrectly;

- not all the necessary documents have been collected;

- the grounds for family reunification are not proven;

To obtain a residence card on the first attempt, you should contact the professionals at aksis Migration Agency. We will determine the right reason, help you collect all the necessary documents, fill in the application form and supervise the whole process until you receive your plastic card. Do you want to move your family to Poland? Write to aksis!


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