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/the new portal for foreigners «moduł obsługi spraw». what are its features and why do immigrants need it?

The new portal for foreigners «Moduł Obsługi Spraw». What are its features and why do immigrants need it?

Probably every foreigner dreams that all questions and matters concerning the legalization of life in a new country can be solved via the Internet. No one likes to waste their precious time travelling to administrative offices and waiting in long queues.

Today we will tell you more about the new official portal for foreigners in Poland and introduce you to the basic functionality of the «Moduł Obsługi Spraw» service. Enjoy reading this article!


General information about the portal «Moduł Obsługi Spraw»

Every year the number of foreigners seeking refuge from the war and wanting to start a new life in Poland only grows. The «Moduł Obsługi Spraw» portal was created to enable foreigners to fill in and submit applications for residence permits online. Also thanks to this portal migrants can get the information they need about migration procedures in Poland.

As the portal is designed and created exclusively for foreign citizens, the website is multi-lingual and is available in seven languages, including Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, Vietnamese, French and even Arabic.

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The site can be used absolutely free of charge, but users must register. Unregistered users cannot access the full functionality, they only have access to three sections:

  • Laws. Information about all Polish regulations that relate to the legalization and stay of foreigners in Poland;

  • Contacts. Official addresses of regional and territorial authorities of Poland that deal with legalization and residence of foreigners;

  • News. Updates on portal activities, new features and services for online submission of documents for the right to stay in Poland.


Registration on the portal «Moduł Obsługi Spraw»

As we have already written, in order to get access to the full functionality of the «Moduł Obsługi Spraw» service, the user needs to register. The registration procedure is very simple. A newcomer needs to perform the following actions:

  • Enter your first and last name;

  • Enter your date of birth;

  • Write your residential address;

  • Enter your current phone number and email address;

  • Enter your personal login and password to enter your personal account.


What can foreigners do on the portal «Moduł Obsługi Spraw»?

After logging into your personal account, you will have access to the following administrative services:

Submit an application for a residence permit in Poland;

Draw up various documents;

Obtain information on migration procedures;

Check the options for staying in Poland depending on the foreigner's situation and status;

Get access to information on entry procedures and legalization of life in the country.

You can also see and download blank application forms for various documents on the website of the «Moduł Obsługi Spraw» portal. In fact, by far the most important service of this service is sending electronic applications for a residence card. Instead of travelling to Urząd personally and standing in a queue, you can submit an application in a few minutes from the comfort of your couch. Moreover, it is very likely that in the future the application for a residence card will be available only through this portal.

In simple terms, the «Moduł Obsługi Spraw» portal is an innovative service that simplifies many administrative procedures for foreigners, including the issuance of a residence card. It is expected that every year the number of services on this service will only increase, so it is best to get to grips with the portal now. Read more useful information about the life of foreigners in Poland on our blog aksis and keep up to date with all the changes!


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