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/student visa in spain at the expense of language courses. how to get a residence permit in spain for international students?

Student visa in Spain at the expense of language courses. How to get a residence permit in Spain for international students?

What attracts foreigners to Spain the most? Of course, the pleasant climate, European standard of living, snow-white beaches and high salaries. But there are many more reasons why thousands of people from other countries move to Spain, and one of these reasons is education. Dozens of Spanish institutions of higher education are listed among the best universities in the world.

The best part is that foreigners from anywhere in the world can easily enroll in Spanish universities. Want to learn more about how to move to Spain, enroll in an educational institution and get a residence permit with the right to work? The aksis migration agency has prepared a lot of useful information for you!


Program for obtaining a residence permit in Spain

Almost everyone knows that in Spain you can get a residence permit for going to university, but not everyone knows that the legal right to stay in the country is also granted for learning Spanish. Yeah, it sounds like something fantastic, but it is actually true.

Who is suitable for such a program of obtaining a residence permit through language courses and studentship? We hasten to please you, because in Spain there are no age restrictions on enrollment in language schools or universities. Thus, to take advantage of this program of legalization in Spain can people, as a student age, and older. The most important condition is the desire to live in Spain 365 days a year.


What type of study can a student visa be applied for?

As we have already mentioned, it is of course possible to apply for a student visa under university, but this is by no means the easiest way. By far the most effective and easiest method is to enroll in language schools. That is, you come to study the language in Spain for one year and get a residence permit, you have the right to extend this document at the end of the term.

But even here there is an important nuance. The language school must be accredited and be on the list of the Spanish Ministry of Education. This means that you can not just find any school through social networks, enroll there and get a residence permit.


Is it possible to come to Spain on a tourist visa and stay?

Of course, because Spain provides a great opportunity to come to the country on a tourist visa and already on the spot to transform your basis for staying in the country. This applies not only to residence permit on the basis of studentship or language courses, but also to other grounds. But there is one nuance here - you should have at least 40-50 days of legal stay on a tourist visa in order to have time to submit all the documents in time. Therefore, we recommend not to delay until the last moment, and immediately start submitting all the necessary documents, which we will describe below.


How to prepare properly and what documents to take?

The most important task for you is to collect a complete package of documents. It looks as follows:

  • Passport. Keep an eye on the expiration date of your passport. It is not uncommon for your passport to be expired and you will not be able to obtain a student visa.

  • Certificate of no criminal record. It must be apostilled. Its expiration date is 3 months and it is advisable to make it immediately before departure to Spain.

  • Bank statement. In 2024, you must show at least 7,200 euros in your account. This serves as proof that you have the necessary funds to live in the country.

  • Declaration of entry to Spain (Declaración de entrada). A Declaration of Entry is required if you are entering Spain through a third country.

  • Language school enrollment. If you want to get a residence permit through a language school, you need to find an accredited school and enroll in it.

  • Medical policy. You need to take out health insurance for the entire period of study.

  • Application for residence permit. Obviously, the most important thing is to fill in the application form for a residence permit correctly. You can find such a form on the official website.

Next, you need to submit all documents electronically and then wait for a positive response from the migration service. The best solution is to contact a specialized agency, where you will receive turnkey assistance. Migration agency aksis will help you to quickly obtain a student residence permit in Spain.


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