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/selling a company in poland in 2024. what is necessary to legally sell a company?

Selling a company in Poland in 2024. What is necessary to legally sell a company?

It is an interesting fact that some people start their own companies not to make money from the sales of their goods. The smartest ones create a promising business, find buyers and sell their «startup» for a tidy sum of money.

Earlier in our article we already told you about how to close a company in Poland. For many, it was a signal that it does not have to be closed (even in the most difficult situations). It is a separate product, sometimes very useful for the buyer. In this article you will learn about what it takes to sell your own company in Poland and how to prepare for it. Enjoy reading this article!


Document transmission

If your company has been in chaos, with documents scattered across different offices and you haven't kept digital copies of every copy of every document, it will be very difficult for you to sort out this mess now. Especially if your company has been in business for years. It's best to get into the habit of digitizing all your documents, at least just create a Google drive and upload all the copies there.

Every normal buyer will definitely pay attention to your financial report. Before you sell the firm to a new person, you need to close the financial statement. This way, the new owner will be able to start the business with a clean slate.

All original documents, according to Polish law, must be kept for 5 years. Collect and filter such documents as:

  • Reporting;

  • Accounting (income, expenses, revenue, etc.);

  • Investment documents;

  • Records in the registers of your company (KRS, CEIDG).

All these documents will need to be handed over to your counterparty. If you have done everything correctly and kept the documents while running your company, you will just have to go to your archive and put the necessary papers together.


Arrangements with counterparties

This point applies to many things: you rent premises, someone performs services for you, your employees. It is necessary to warn them all that the company will soon have a new owner. Why? Sometimes contractors enter into a contract with your company, but this document is tied to a specific representative of the company. So that this does not happen, take care to link the future owner with all contractors and employees.

Another important nuance in this matter is the term of the contract. For example, you are serviced by a bookkeeping company for a certain period of time (usually 2-3 months). This can be a problem, because you sell the firm, and under the contract you have to pay money for the services of the old accounting office for a certain period of time. It is best to take your list of counterparties, see who you have contracts with and for how long, and notify them all in writing in advance. IMPORTANT: if you notify them verbally, they may later say that they have not received any communication!


Arrangements with partners

Partners means the partners of your firm. You need to understand who will now be the new owner of the company and that all the old partners have agreed at least to sell their shares and transfer rights and powers. Signatures of your co-owners will be required in the national business registers.

You need to organize this process in advance so that none of the partners (even those with the smallest share of rights to the company) block the transaction.


Access transfer

If you did everything correctly in the beginning, you made a separate corporate email account to which all work accounts are linked. This will help you easily transfer software and access to other owners and managers.

However, there are some systems that cannot be transferred to other people. They are tied specifically to your identity. For example, the Praca.gov system, the ZUS system and some other sites. So these are resources that you cannot transfer to new owners. It is important for you to tell the buyer to create an account and request access to the system from you.


Where can get help with selling a firm?

The next important process is changes in the registers. Few people know and understand how to correctly write one owner out of the register and enter another. As a rule, such things are entrusted to specialists. Our agency aksis will help you in the sale of the company and its transfer to the new owners.


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