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/recommendations for starting a business in poland that will save you time and money

Recommendations for starting a business in Poland that will save you time and money

Are you tired of working a demanding schedule, getting up every morning and receiving a fixed salary? Perhaps it is time to expand your horizons and open your own business in Poland. In fact, it is not such a difficult process, but there are many nuances and peculiarities that you need to know in advance.

In our article earlier we have already told you how to open a sole proprietorship in Poland, but today we decided to share useful tips that you can't find out about anywhere else. All information, tips, recommendations and tricks in this article are formulated on the real experience of many entrepreneurs from Poland.


Top 5 tips for beginning entrepreneurs in Poland

Many entrepreneurs who have been in business for a long time would be glad to see recommendations before starting a business. We have prepared 5 actual recommendations and tips that will definitely be useful for you in starting your own business in Poland.

Tip No. 1: Open a business online

Fortunately, in 2024 it is possible to register your own company offline. To begin with, this method is suitable for 95% of future entrepreneurs. Thus, you can save about 500-1000 euros on company registration already at the start. Moreover, you will be able to send all the next changes that you will make in your company online.

Tip No. 2. Register the company where you live

The next useful tip for entrepreneurs is to open a company in the city where you will actually always be located. Why is this so? If you live in one city and live in another, you will spend a great deal of time on various bureaucratic issues, namely traveling from one city to another.

Tip No. 3: Don't forget about the procurator

If you can't always be present in the city where your business operates, we recommend that you add a procurator immediately upon registration. Here is a detailed description of how a procurator works, who can hire a procurator and what the benefits of a procurator are.

Tip No. 4. Share capital is not necessarily money

When opening a company, you must necessarily pledge the authorized capital (today it is 5000 PLN). If you do not have this money, it is not a problem, because you do not necessarily have to invest the capital with money. If you have a car, machinery or any assets, this can also be considered as capital.

Tip No. 5. Write whole categories of the firm's activities

In Poland there is such a peculiarity during LLC registration that you can include only up to 10 activities of your company. Keep a handy lifehack from us - don't write your type of activity down to the details, but specify the general type of activity. For example:

  • If you do interior design, don't write like this.

  • How should you do it? It's best to just specify the category design, which can cover both interior design, exterior design and more.

This will help to greatly expand the type of business the company does, especially if your services cover a wide range of tasks.


Where can you get help with starting a company?

The best way to open your company in Poland correctly, easily and quickly is to turn to a specialized agency that will help you register a company on a turnkey basis. Specialists from aksis agency are ready to provide you with assistance in opening any kind of business, help with taxation, registration and accounting.


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