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/obtaining a residence permit in spain in return for investment. how to get a spanish «golden visa» in 2023?

Obtaining a residence permit in Spain in return for investment. How to get a Spanish «golden visa» in 2023?

We are not going to tell you why foreigners move to Spain and what attracts them there, because it is so clear. Today there are several working ways to move to Spain, to get a visa, residence permit, to get a permanent residence permit, and finally to become a citizen of this country. Many people ask the question «Is it possible to buy a residence permit»? From a legal point of view, a residence permit can’t be bought, but it can be obtained for investing money in the country, which is often used by rich foreigners in Spain.

Want to move to Spain, get a residence permit, and buy your own property? Today we will tell you about all the features of the so-called «golden visa», about its conditions and of course we will tell you about the most important thing – how to get it. Stay together with aksis migration agency – we have a lot of interesting things to tell you!


What is a golden visa and what are its benefits?

The Golden Visa (investor residence) has become one of the most popular residence permits in Spain in recent years. Such a program for investing in the country has been in operation since 2013, and in that time more than 10 thousand foreigners have successfully obtained a residence permit in return for investing in the country. Initially, such a visa is issued for 3 years, then it is renewed for 5 years. After the expiry of this period, it is possible to obtain a residence permit for 5 years, and then apply for Spanish citizenship. The golden visa is regulated not in the usual law on foreigners, but in the law on entrepreneurs «Ley de Emprendedores 14/2003» (this is important because it means that the process of obtaining a residence permit for investment will be significantly different from obtaining a residence permit for work, study or other grounds).

Why is the golden visa so popular among foreigners? It's very simple:

  • The application process is as simple as possible;

  • There are no big requirements for the foreigner or as such no bureaucracy;

  • The Golden Visa allows foreigners to live and work in Spain for extended periods of time;

  • This program allows foreigners to bring their family to Spain and legally arrange accommodation for all family members;

  • You can safely travel throughout the European Union;

  • You do not need to become a tax resident in Spain;

  • You don't have to live in the country all the time, just visit Spain at least once a year to renew your residence permit.


Grounds and conditions for obtaining a golden visa in Spain

The Golden Visa is a special residence permit in Spain that is designed for non-European Union citizens who wish to invest a significant amount of money in Spain and stay there.

As with other European countries that offer a golden visa, these significant investments are usually made by foreigners in property. But there are other types of investments that will also get you residency. In the case of Spain, there are 4 types of investments that are grounds for obtaining a residence permit, namely:

  • Purchase of a residential or commercial property with a value exceeding 500,000 euros;

  • Purchase of shares in companies operating and incorporated in Spain, the value of which exceeds one million euros;

  • Purchase of Spanish government bonds, the value of which exceeds 2 million euros;

  • Investing in a business in Spain. The amount and scope of the business is not specified, the main thing is to invest in local businesses and create new jobs.


Current list of documents for obtaining a golden visa

Let's start with the fact that the investor must be a natural person who has reached the age of 18. To obtain a golden visa, a foreigner must have the following documents:

  • Valid passport and foreign passport, and photocopies thereof;

  • Two 34 x 45 mm photo cards;

  • Proof that the investor does not have any tax debts or criminal record;

  • Health insurance in Spain for at least one year;

  • Proof that the investor has sufficient funds to live in the country – a Spanish bank statement, where you must have at least 30 thousand euros in your account;

  • Original and photocopy of the contract of sale and purchase of the property and also a certificate of registration of housing;

  • Completed application for a residence permit for investment.


Detailed guide on how to get a golden visa

Obtaining a golden visa in Spain is a very simple and uncomplicated process in general. Most Spanish residence permits for non-European Union citizens have long and complicated procedures.

→ Investing in property or assets. Obviously, the beginning of the whole process starts with the purchase of property or assets. We remind you that the minimum investment amount is 500 thousand euros.

→ Opening a bank account. A foreigner must open a personal account in a Spanish bank and put there at least 30 thousand euros – this is considered proof of financial independence.

→ Collecting the necessary documents. Once you have opened a bank account and bought a property, you can start collecting all the necessary documents that we have listed above.

→ Filling in the application form. The application form can be viewed and printed from the official website or taken directly to the Spanish consulate.

→ Submitting documents and application. The application is made to consulates and embassies, which can be found on this website.

Obtaining a Spanish residence permit for investment is a great solution, as you can buy property, rent it out and live in your home country. Thus, you win everything: you have a residence permit, property and a stable passive income, which over the years will definitely pay for itself. If you plan to become a member of the golden visa in Spain, you will need the help of professionals to solve all the legal aspects. Migration agents aksis will individually approach your case, accompanying you at every stage of obtaining a residence permit!


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