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/immigration to poland on the basis of own business. how to obtain a residence permit for opening a business in poland?

Immigration to Poland on the basis of own business. How to obtain a residence permit for opening a business in Poland?

Poland, with its economic prosperity, has attracted the attention of many foreigners looking to improve their lives and prospects. Since joining the European Union, Poland has become an attractive piece of relocation for many citizens of countries such as: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and others. Poland offers high salaries, excellent social programs and a large labour force.

Many foreigners who come to Poland for residence permit do not limit themselves to just finding a job, they also decide to create their own business. As a result of successful entrepreneurship, they not only provide themselves with a stable and high income, but also actively contribute to the development of the local economy. Today we will tell you whether it is possible to move to Poland on the basis of the fact that you have opened a business here. Enjoy reading this article!


Is it possible for foreigners to obtain a residence permit by opening a business in Poland?

According to the Act on Foreigners of 12 December 2013, foreigners are entitled to legal residence in Poland on the basis of conducting business activities. Under this provision, such foreigners are granted a Karta czasowego robuty. The field of activity of your business does not matter - it can be a shop, a beauty parlour, a hairdresser's, a cafe and many others. Moreover, the larger your business is and the more capital investment you are required to make, the greater the chances that you will be granted a residence permit.


How does the scheme of immigration to Poland on the basis of business work?

We do not want to scare you, but it is not an easy way, because at the moment of starting a business there are a lot of bureaucratic requirements from Poland, so everything may seem complicated. In general, the scheme of immigration to Poland on the basis of business is as follows:

Officially register your business in Poland without leaving your home country. You can do it online, we talked more about how to start your own firm in our article.

Obtain a document of company registration from KRS (Krajowa Rada Sądownictwa). This will be your motive for obtaining a visa.

Open Schengen visa for entry into the territory of Poland. You will need to provide a KRS extract of your company and an already prepared business plan.

Go to Poland. Once you have arrived in Poland, you need to deal with other conditions for obtaining a residence permit:

  • arranging health insurance

  • buying or renting a home

  • contracting an accountant

Prepare documents. The quantity of documents may vary, depending on the specific case, but basically you will need to collect such a list:

  • passport

  • 4 photos 3x4 cm size

  • business plan

  • insurance policy

  • rental agreement

  • business licence (for some business areas)

  • completed application form (you can download a special form by clicking on this button)

Presentation of the business. If your business is new, you will still need to prove to the local authorities that your business will definitely benefit the community and the country's economy.

Expect the results. Unfortunately, no one can tell you the exact waiting period, but one thing we can say is that it is very long. It can take up to one year to get a decision on your case, while a visa is basically for three months (in which case you will have to return to your home country for a while).


How to prove your business is real?

The thing is that this scheme of business relocation to Poland appeared quite a long time ago and it worked a bit differently. In the past, they did not require any proof that the business was working and benefiting the country's economy. Clever foreigners immediately started to use this loophole and of course Polish authorities started to notice it.

Therefore, recently everything has changed, and now the business must be real, otherwise you can not get a residence permit. What kind of evidence will work for the local authorities?

  • Developed and clearly argued business plan

  • Tax statement for the last year (if your business is already operating)

  • Employment of at least two citizens of the Republic of Poland under «Umowa o pracę» with some conditions (full-time employment and the salary of employees must be at least the minimum wage in the country).

  • Financial statements for the last year, where the profit of the company must be at least 12 average salaries (currently the average salary in Poland is 7005 PLN per month).


Term of validity of residence permit on the basis of business

In case of a positive result of the inspection, you will be issued a Karta czasоwego pоbytu for a period of one to three years (the exact period depends on the success and scale of your business). If after this period your business has not closed down and its indicators have increased, you will be extended your residence card. Then you can already get a permanent residence permit, which is issued under the guise of a Karta Stałego Pobytu for 5 years. And finally, after 5 years of living and doing business in Poland, you can obtain Polish citizenship, which opens up unlimited opportunities for you throughout the European Union.


Summarizing the results

In conclusion, we can say with certainty that moving to Poland on the basis of a business is more than realistic, but the process may take a long time and will certainly require a lot of financial investment. On the other hand, it is a sure way not only to move to Poland, but also to provide yourself with a job and a steady income.


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