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/how to relocate a business in poland to another city? features and nuances of moving a company

How to relocate a business in Poland to another city? Features and nuances of moving a company

If you want to succeed in your business, you should not accept various kinds of problems as the end of your business. Many people, when faced with certain problems, decide to simply close their business or suspend operations. One such reason is an urgent move of the company owner to another city.

But if you move to another Polish city, it doesn't mean that you have to suspend the activities of the company. We'll let you in on a little secret up front - you can move your business to another city in Poland. We have prepared a lot of useful information for you on the topic of how to relocate your business to another place.

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What kind of mistakes could there be?

If you have registered your firm correctly (in the way we described in our article), you will just need to change the founding documents. Usually just change the changes in the articles of association that your firm is now based in another city. In the final Wniosek change the address, sign a number of documents and that's it. Sounds simple enough, but is this really the case?

The problems can start when you need to show someone that this address has actually changed in the register. Because these changes can be made by very slow-moving inspectors of the service for several months after the application. These are real cases - it happens when in fact these changes in the register do not change for two months because of the workers. What is the way out of the situation? You just need to show the signed application, that your city and address have changed.


Features of the accounting department when a business relocates

Be sure to decide how important it is for you to have your accounting firm move with you. And if your accountancy service doesn't have a branch in your new city, how much of a problem it will be for you. As practice shows, in most cases it's not a problem, as all communication is done through social media and various online work platforms anyway. You don't send original documents to the accounting department, you just make a scan copy and upload to the cloud.

But if you're used to coming to the accountant in person, having a live conversation, looking at documents with your eyes, then take care of that in advance. IMPORTANT: learn how long your contract with your old accounting firm is for. Another piece of advice from us is that it is best to change accounting firms at the very beginning of the year, so that one company brings you to the end, closes all the reports, and the new firm starts with a «clean sheet».


Is it necessary to notify the bank when a business relocates?

The same is the case with banks. When you open an account for your company, very often you are tied to this particular banker who opened an account for you in a certain city, at a certain address. If you want to make any changes, you go to the nearest branch to you, and you will be redirected to the bank where you opened the account. What is the right thing to do?

  • Before you move, contact the bank where you opened your account in advance.

  • Go specifically to the banker who is tied to you.

  • Talk to him and tell him that you are migrating to another city and want to move your business.

  • Ask the banker to change the account details so that you can be served in the new city in Poland.


Could there be problems with the state?

When a business suddenly relocates to another city, changes tax offices, many people may have the feeling that there are business owners trying to hide some offenses. But this is not the case at all.

In Poland calm attitude to the relocation of business in another city. You just need to do everything as required by law. Moreover, it happens that the state authorities in another city are quite different from those that are now in your city. For example, you come to one of the services in the new city, and you can notice that it works much faster than it was in the old place. You are given permits and documents without any problems, no unnecessary questions are asked, and there are fewer inspections.



As you may have already realized, it is more than realistic to move your company to another city in Poland. The most important thing is to fulfill all the requirements in advance and notify all the necessary services about the move.

If you need help with company registration, sole proprietorship or you wish to consult on business in Poland, you can always contact our aksis migration agency. We offer comprehensive assistance on business in Poland, approaching each client individually.


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