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/how to reduce the cost of operating a business in poland? connecting a virtual office for business

How to reduce the cost of operating a business in Poland? Connecting a virtual office for business

Opening your own business has crossed the mind of probably every person in the world, but not everyone decides to start a business. Many people are simply afraid of possible risks, simply leaving good and promising ideas in their heads.

If you do decide to open your own business and do business in Poland, this article will be useful for you. We will tell you about such a concept as «virtual office» and how this service will help you significantly reduce the cost of doing business.


What is a virtual office for business?

Most likely you already know that to open a sole proprietorship (JDG) in Poland you need to register your company through the CEIDG portal, and to open an LLC (Spółka z o.o.) you need to register your company in the register of legal entities KRS. One way or another, the company must be officially registered and go through the registration procedure, we told you about all this in our article.

You also know that when registering a company you need to specify the location of the company, in other words it is called an office. If you just decided to open your own business, full-fledged office rent can significantly affect your budget, especially if the specifics of your business allows you to work remotely without an office. So what to do in such a situation?

A virtual office is a combination of remote office services where small businesses and entrepreneurs are assigned a legal address, a place to receive mail, and even access to a conference room. Today, renting a virtual office is one of the easiest ways to cut costs for a start-up business.

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Main advantages of a virtual office

Obviously, the most important benefit of a virtual office for business is cost reduction. By using virtual office services, you don't pay rent for an entire office day. This service allows the business owner and employees to work remotely without having to spend time getting to the workplace.

Typically, by renting a virtual office, a company receives a variety of business features that are available over the internet, including:

Legal address, which is specified when registering a company;

Office software for the firm;


Document storage;

Receiving and transmitting all messages and letters from the post;

Accounting and bookkeeping services;

Receiving correspondence.

Another important point is that many virtual offices are located in prestigious business centers and districts. The very fact that your legal address will be located in a prestigious neighborhood, can increase your reputation among partners and competitors.

In simple words, a virtual office for business is a single online space that allows you to serve clients, communicate with employees and conduct other business.


Features and nuances related to the virtual office

A virtual office is particularly popular with small businesses or businesses that operate in the IT sector. A virtual office can also increase productivity because its services free employees from administrative tasks and commuting. Each employee can work from the most convenient location, and businesses are not limited to hiring employees who live locally. As more people find ways to work remotely, the benefits of a virtual office become immediately apparent.

However, there are negatives here, as with anything. Virtual offices may also have limited access at nights and weekends. Users may find the lack of flexibility restrictive and inconvenient. There is also the potential for distractions associated with working from home, and therefore some employees may not be as productive when working in a virtual office environment.

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