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/how to obtain a student residence card in poland?

How to obtain a student residence card in Poland?

The student residence card is an official document identifying a foreigner during a stay in Poland, issued on the basis of studies at a Polish institution. This document is of European standard and is valid throughout the territory of the European Union. It consists of three basic elements - the PESEL number, biometric data, and residence address.

The young generation strives to plan their lives starting from school, so it is not surprising that Poland is so loved by CIS students, who enter the territory of the Polish State every academic year by the thousands. European educational institutions are not only high-quality education but also one of the ways to stay temporarily and then for permanent residence.


What is the advantage of a residence permit based on studies over a visa?

Teenagers and their parents, who have planned to study in Poland, mostly immediately consider a student visa for a legal stay in Poland. Is it convenient? Not exactly, such a document significantly limits the time of stay and rights. The main disadvantage is that the student visa is valid for 1 year and thus you constantly need to extend it, and it is not easy to do. You need to come back to your home country, re-register at the consulate, look for all the necessary documents and stand in kilometer-long lines. And this is despite the fact that the student's holiday lasts not so long and they may not have enough time to rest and renew their visa.

The best alternative for those who plan to study in Poland is to obtain a residence permit based on their studies. The main advantages are as follows:

  • Legal staying on the territory of Poland;

  • People who have received a residence card on the basis of their studies can work legally (those who study full-time can only work during summer holidays, and for part-time students, it is possible to work for 6 months a year);

  • Ability to buy real estate and vehicles;

  • Ability to apply documents to the opening of a "non-Schengen" country visa;

  • A student with a residence card can get discounts on rail travel;


Who can be eligible for a residence card on the basis of studies?

The Polish legislative welcomes new foreign students to their country and therefore provides for the granting of a residence permit to students who are enrolled in a Polish university. But besides this, there are several grounds for obtaining a student residence card:

  • At the moment of submitting the application and documents, it is necessary to be legally staying on Polish territory (as a rule it is either an open visa or the remaining days on a visa-free);

  • Confirm with documents that you really intend to study at an institution in Poland. A signed contract with a higher education institution, preparatory courses, study schedule, or a receipt of payment for studies is suitable for this;

  • It is necessary to legally live (have a rental agreement);

  • Prove that you have enough money to live in Poland (it is possible to do it by taking a statement from the bank).


How can a student apply for a residence permit?

One of the most important points in obtaining a student residence card is collecting the right documents and submitting the application correctly. It is also worth remembering that all documents must be translated into Polish. What is necessary to submit in order to apply for a student residence permit?

  • Four photo cards;

  • Receipt of payment of the state duty (stamp tax);

  • A document issued by a Polish university confirming that the student is enrolled at the institution or has completed the preparatory course;

  • Receipt for payment of tuition fee;

  • Health insurance for a foreigner;

  • A correctly completed application form (wniosek);

  • Documents proving that the student has accommodation and money to live on.

After collecting the basic papers, the applicant has to make an application at the local Voivodeship department, submit all the documents, and wait for the "decyzja" (a temporary document confirming your legal stay in Poland, while the residence card is being prepared). After receiving the permit, all that remains is to pay for the plastic of the student's residence card.


What are the main reasons for refusal and how to avoid them?

As statistics show, the main reason for the refusal of a residence permit on the basis of studies is an incorrectly completed application form (wniosek). It is also not an uncommon reason for refusal can be considered an incomplete package of documents. Many people get confused and, as a consequence, they are either missing an important document, or the application is filled out incorrectly.

This is why you need to be very careful when collecting your documents and completing the application form, and if necessary, ask for the help of professionals. The team of professionals from aksis will take you through the entire process of obtaining a student residence card, from completing the application form to obtaining your long-awaited document.


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