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/how to obtain a health certificate to work in poland? what you should know about passing a medical commission when obtaining a health certificate?

How to obtain a health certificate to work in Poland? What you should know about passing a medical commission when obtaining a health certificate?

If you have just recently arrived in Poland and are looking for a place to work, there is a wide variety of jobs waiting for you here. Some of the popular jobs in Poland this year include cooks, waiters, bartenders, warehouse packers and many others. These are great options for your first experience, especially if you've only recently arrived in Poland.

Many people think that it will be easy enough to find a vacancy, sign an employment contract and get to work. But if your job is somehow related to food, cosmetics, hygiene products, you need to have a health book. Today we will tell you more about when you need to get a health certificate and most importantly - how to get a health certificate yourself. Here we go!


Who should issue the certificate - the worker or the employer?

Not many people know, but according to the labor contract, it is the management that is responsible for the health book of its employee. At a minimum, the employer must pay for the registration of the book for his employee. In practice, everything looks quite different, because it is the employee who is in charge of drawing up such a card.


In what field is it necessary to obtain a health certificate?

Let's first understand why you need a health certificate for work in the first place. Such a document confirms to the employer that you are absolutely healthy and you can in no way negatively affect consumers. As a rule, such requirements are applied in the spheres of food, hygiene products. Here is an extended list of such positions:

  • Babysitters and daycare workers;

  • Medical professionals;

  • Store clerks;

  • Cooks, waiters and other gastronomic workers;

  • Cosmetologists, manicurists, makeup artists, and others;

  • Hairdressers.

However, there is a strange rule in Poland. Regardless of your field of activity, if your employer requests a health book, you are obliged to get one. Therefore, we recommend that you learn how to apply for it, even if you are not related to any of these industries.


Where is it possible to apply for a health certificate in Poland?

You will have to take tests and be examined by doctors in order to get a health certificate for work. If you are thinking of just buying a ready-made document, it is against the law. On the network you can find such people who make health certificates under the keys, but know that these are scammers.

The health certificate is issued directly to the sanitary epidemiologic station (Stacja sanitarno-epidemiologiczna). On the official website you can find the address of the necessary sanitary and epidemiologic station in your city. As a rule, they work only in the mornings, from Monday to Thursday. But before that you need to prepare a referral (here is how the form looks like).

What tests are required for the registration of a sanitary book? Of course, the sanepidemiological station checks for harmful parasites and infections that can easily be transmitted from one person to another. They usually ask to take urine, feces and of course blood.

After taking the tests, you have to wait for the results. As practice shows, the results will be ready within a few days, but sometimes it can take up to a whole week. IMPORTANT: you should independently clarify with the employees of such an institution, on what day the results will be ready. Because the sanitary and epidemiological station in no way notifies people about the readiness of the results. The last stage - after you have taken the results of the tests, go to the doctor. It is the doctor who issues a sanitary booklet based on the test results.


What data are indicated in the health certificate?

There is no single form for a health certificate, so the doctor draws up the document himself. Your task is to make sure that the medical worker includes all the necessary information about you in the certificate, including:

  • Full Name;

  • Place of employment (field);

  • Test results received;

  • When the tests will be repeated;

  • Authorization to proceed to work.

The doctor sets the expiration date of the health certificate for his or her own term, thereby setting a date for retesting. As for the cost, everything is individual.


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